Dear Shaina,

I feel your pain! Even though I have lived in the same place for 32 years, time and fitting it all in is still a challenge. I’ve learned to slow down and enjoy the moments a bit more, but that’s because I am a lot older than you and just can’t physically move as fast. The time-speed phenomenon still gets to me. One minute it’s the first of the month, and before I get used to writing the date, it’s already the next month.

It seems like the summer is practically over. June was a blur. The new grill already needs a good cleaning, the house keeps sprouting new stuff for me to go through and get rid of and all the weddings and summer events that were months away are staring me in the face. I am stressed, and I don’t even have any serious obligations like you do.

I am glad to hear that you’re considering a less transient lifestyle. If a particular someone does happen to convince you to continue with this annual migration pattern, maybe you could enlist that someone’s help in gathering all your belongings and transporting them to wherever the next stint might be. I am just not sure how many more moves I have in me, although I am available to help you purge the massive accumulation of evidence of your very abundant life residing in your bedroom and overflowing into various other rooms throughout this house.

I am confident, for both of us, that the important things will get done and that there will always be things that we just wouldn’t have been able to fit in anyway, no matter how long we live in a place or what stage of life we’re in. It’s just the way it is and the way we are.

It will be the 4th of July momentarily, and I’ll do the usual easily transportable veggies, salads and grilled chicken that we can eat picnic-style while watching the fireworks. I experimented with our new super-grill last Shabbat and ended up with lots of leftover grilled chicken. Leftovers are always part of the plan. I know you don’t eat chicken, but if you did, you would love this chicken salad I made with the leftover chicken. I also used your technique to massage some kale with lemon juice, which I then threw into some leftover farro to round off a totally transformed leftover dinner that took less than 20 minutes to prepare.

Aside from never wanting any guest to have to take the last piece of anything I serve, I love having leftovers because you get at least two meals in the time it takes to cook one. As we know all too well, time is a precious commodity, so who doesn’t love a twofer!

The good news is that you’ll be home in less time than it takes me to scrub down that new grill. I can’t wait!!