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Global Inspired

Don't Make a Tzimmes
Out of It

Don’t Make a Tzimmes Out of It

There’s no reason this Jewish dish, perfectly hued for the season, shouldn’t be on your Thanksgiving table. Plus with Leah’s tweaks, including Middle Eastern spicing, nothing tastes more American.

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Holidays & Occasions

Top 8 Recipes for
8 Tasty Nights

Top 8 Recipes for 8 Tasty Nights

With four creative twists on latkes, this is the year to stock up on room diffusers and tackle your fear of frying. Not convinced? We have four more recipes for you.

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Recipe of the Week

In my house, we can’t go through Chanukah without eating latkes at

Indubitably Indian in Israel Global Inspired

Indubitably Indian in Israel

Foods with fragrant spices, colorful garments, traditional songs and dance—even a replica of the Cochin synagogue in one Israeli community—keep the vibrant heritage of Cochin Jews alive.

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“Chai Sameach” to You Global Inspired

“Chai Sameach” to You

Indian holiday meals filled with ginger, cardamom and cloves (and a chai-loving mother) inspired Shulie to make a Passover masala chai ice cream—it has sweet, spice and everything nice.

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Vegetable Masalas to Bid India Farewell Everyday Eats

Vegetable Masalas to Bid India Farewell

Shaina is leaving India, but she’s bringing home recipes for vegetable masalas, traditional Indian dishes with fragrant spices. With some okra from the Alabama farmers’ markets, mom can create tastes of India, too.

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Cooking to Preserve Memory and Memories Everyday Eats

Cooking to Preserve Memory and Memories

Emily Kaiser Thelin shares reflections on working with Paula Wolfert to document her incredible life and recipes in the new Unforgettable and thoughts about the role food plays in memory.

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Chanukah Gelt Without the Guilt Food & Justice

Chanukah Gelt Without the Guilt

This Chanukah, let’s rededicate ourselves to seeking freedom for those who can’t do so for themselves. One way to start is with fair-trade chocolate, which keeps workers safe and shuns child labor.

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