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Everyday Eats

Warm Up Body and
Soul with a “Soup Bar”

Warm Up Body and Soul with a “Soup Bar”

Putting together two or three different soups with toppings for people to add is an easy, delicious way to get everyone talking around the Shabbat table or anytime body and soul need warming.

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Everyday Eats

Leftovers Have Never
Been So Cool

Leftovers Have Never Been So Cool

Julia Turshen’s acclaimed new cookbook, Now & Again, is just the latest in her many projects designed to make the world a better place—more equitable, with more access and less waste.

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Recipe of the Week

As my TV spirit character Elaine Benes says, “You can’t beat a

Shaking Up the Shakshuka Global Inspired

Shaking Up the Shakshuka

For shakshuka, it all starts with tomatoes, onions and peppers—much like a lot of Mexican food. Inspired by her own Mexican background, Heather decided to mix up her shakshuka.

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Cock A Doodle Soup Food & Justice

Cock A Doodle Soup

Philly’s Rooster Soup Co., from Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook, turns leftover bones from fried chicken served at Federal Donuts into broth, and 100 percent of profits are donated to charity.

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Farmers Markets Are a Winter Wonderland Everyday Eats

Farmers Markets Are a Winter Wonderland

Just because the ground is frozen solid doesn’t mean farms and farmers have gone into hibernation. Many farmers markets are now open year round. Bundle up and go check out the offerings.

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The Joy of the Quiet Period Everyday Eats

The Joy of the Quiet Period

For Sheilah, the year splits nicely into two seasons, marked by the high holidays and Passover. In between, she revels in the “quiet period,” stocking up on books, including many new cookbooks.

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