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Food & Justice

“Dyeing” to Tackle
Food Waste

“Dyeing” to Tackle Food Waste

DC-area artist and workshop instructor Sophie Kanter tackles food waste—think avocado pits and turmeric—in a new and creative way: by turning it into dye for hand-dyed textiles.

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Everyday Eats

Summer: Less Cooking,
More Mezze

Summer: Less Cooking, More Mezze

When the heat rises, get out of the kitchen and onto the patio with a mezze spread that excites guest and lets summer produce and snacks shine without requiring you to cook.

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Recipe of the Week

This salad is based on a dish my husband and I shared

A Fish (Sandwich) Story Everyday Eats

A Fish (Sandwich) Story

What could be more Florida than fish? That’s what Sherry, who grew up in her grandparents’ deli, found while vacationing on Sanibel Island, where she discovered the “grouper Reuben.”

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How Sweet It Is Everyday Eats

How Sweet It Is

New award-winning cookbooks from Yotam Ottolenghi, Stella Parks and David Lebovitz focus entirely on our favorite part of the meal: dessert. Pull out the sugar and get cooking…err, baking.

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PB&J on the Beach; Just Add Air Everyday Eats

PB&J on the Beach; Just Add Air

Ice cream, watermelon… There are lots of foods that are commonly eaten at the beach. In Nani’s family, though, it’s agreed that everything tastes better at the beach, even—especially—the simple stuff.

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Summer’s Escaping Garlic Scapes Everyday Eats

Summer’s Escaping Garlic Scapes

Have you met the rock star of the farmers markets? It’s garlic scapes, the tasty, versatile, flowering stalk of hard-necked garlic, and it’s only around for one or two weeks a year.

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