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Everyday Eats

No "Fatherhood
without F-O-O-D"

“You Can’t Spell Fatherhood without F-O-O-D”

Robert Rosenthal left a career in advertising to go to culinary school and work in the food industry. Now he hosts cooking segments and is the author of the book Short Order Dad.

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Holidays & Occasions

Dad Knows Best
(Re: Food, Too)

Dad Knows Best (Re: Food, Too)

On Father’s Day, Jodi looks at some of the foods favored by Jewish fathers in the DC area and around the country. Oh, and contrary to what some might think, it’s more than just eggs and barbecue.

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Recipe of the Week

Fresh-squeezed orange juice highlights the flavor of golden cherry tomatoes and makes

The Ritual of Baking Challah Everyday Eats

The Ritual of Baking Challah

There are lots of reasons to make challah: It’s a mitzvah and Shabbat tradition. It’s plain delicious. And for Beth Ricanati (and many others), it’s a grounding ritual that brings calmness and peace.

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Fennel: Your New Farmers Market Find Everyday Eats

Fennel: Your New Farmers Market Find

What’s that funky green vegetable with the super-tall tops, and what can you do with it? Tanya gives us the full lowdown on this versatile vegetable and farmers market find.

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Herbs for the People Everyday Eats

Herbs for the People

Fresh herbs can completely transform a dish or condiment. Instead of buying a plastic clamshell of herbs at the grocery store, plant your own! Here, Josh has some tips on getting started.

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Fiery, Feisty and Full of Flavor Around Town

Fiery, Feisty and Full of Flavor

A rebellious teenager, Chef Rossi’s parents sent her to live in Crown Heights. She’s no longer part of that community, but today she is proudly Jewish, feminist, lesbian and fierce.

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