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Holidays & Occasions

Hamantashen Go

Hamantashen Go Gourmet

Creative fillings aren’t just the realm of Chanukah sufganiyot anymore. Check out these modern hamentashen recipes. How about halva and Nutella, salted caramel and peanut and even colorful confetti dough?

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Holidays & Occasions

Go Black and White

Hamantashen Get the Black and White Treatment

For Heather’s second attempt at hamantashen, she decided to go a chocolatey route, but with a special twist inspired by that other beloved traditional Jewish treat: black and white cookies.

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Recipe of the Week

Creamy cheese and roasted vegetable flavors burst forth from a delicious salty

New Combos for Next-Level Hamantashen Holidays & Occasions

New Combos for Next-Level Hamantashen

This year, it’s all about new, creative fillings—Lemon ginger curd, anyone? How about strawberry rose jam?—and flavoring the dough with spices or zest to make the whole package extra special.

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Freedom from Haman and from Gluten Holidays & Occasions

Freedom from Haman and from Gluten

Forced to go gluten-free, Merav mourned and then finally decided to take hamantashen into her own hands…and kitchen, coming up with tasty versions that satisfy even the pickiest of Purim partiers.

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Beyond Vanilla: Hamantashen Reborn Holidays & Occasions

Beyond Vanilla: Hamantashen Reborn

Paula was no lover of hamantashen until she began to think about them in a more creative way: Who said prune and poppy seed are musts? Must the dough be boring vanilla?

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A Sanctioned Night of Letting Go Holidays & Occasions

A Sanctioned Night of Letting Go

Depriving oneself of something good usually results in the opposite—just ask any chocoholic. That’s why Purim, a sanctioned night of revelry and letting go, makes so much sense.

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