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Holidays & Occasions

10 Shabbat Traditions
for Young Families

10 Shabbat Traditions for Young Families

With a toddler and a baby at home, Diana and her family have come up with ten modern ways to celebrate Shabbat that work for even the youngest members of the household.

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Everyday Eats

Rolling Up
Successful Rugelach

Rolling Up Successful Rugelach

Heather was excited to incorporate the flavors of her Southern upbringing into rugelach, that beloved cookie of her new Jewish culture, but along the way she hit more than a few bumps…

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Recipe of the Week

The three stars of Balkan cuisine—eggplant, tomatoes and peppers—form a fantastic stew-y

Summer’s Escaping Garlic Scapes Everyday Eats

Summer’s Escaping Garlic Scapes

Have you met the rock star of the farmers markets? It’s garlic scapes, the tasty, versatile, flowering stalk of hard-necked garlic, and it’s only around for one or two weeks a year.

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Mix Up Your Shabbat Dinners Everyday Eats

Mix Up Your Shabbat Dinners

Take your Shabbat, holiday or summer dinners up a notch with cocktails. The secret, as Sophie shares, is putting together a cocktail that requires no more than basic ingredients and tools.

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A Tale of Kale Everyday Eats

A Tale of Kale

Kale grows all year round, but it’s definitely part of the abundance of summer farmers markets and CSA boxes. So what can you do beyond the boring kale salad with this hearty green?

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What’s Jewish about Preserving? Everyday Eats

What’s Jewish about Preserving?

Jews have been preserving—curing, pickling, salting, making jams—for centuries to make food last longer and go farther. Today, preserving is making a comeback for health and environmental reasons.

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