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Global Inspired

The Flavors of

The Flavors of Memory

Israeli food writer and personality Gil Hovav’s newly translated memoir, the third in a trilogy, paints a picture of 1960s Jerusalem and one family that has played an extraordinary part in Israeli history.

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Holidays & Occasions

Are You a
Gastronomic Jew?

Are You a Gastronomic Jew?

For some Jews, food can be the last thing connecting them to their religion, but it can also be a powerful way into Judaism. And gastronomic Judaism can be cooked up…err, cultivated.

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Recipe of the Week

As it is customary to eat dairy on Shavuot, I decided to

Shavuot Study Snacks: 10 Cheesecakes Holidays & Occasions

Shavuot Study Snacks: 10 Cheesecakes

Staying up all night to study on Shavuot? Even if you’re not, here are ten cheesecakes—mini, full-size, light, decadent, striped, all different flavors—to make this Shavuot a memorable one.

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Shavu-OH NO! Holidays & Occasions

Shavu-OH NO!

As a new “unintentional” vegan, Allison is here to tell you that whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegan or just a milk hater, you don’t have to give up Shavuot treats. Say cheese!

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Fast Casual with Jewish Values Around Town

Fast Casual with Jewish Values

Justin Rosenberg’s fast-casual Honeygrow is the chain that almost wasn’t. But after his 94th solicitation resulted in investment, he developed a concept that is peppered with hidden Jewish inspiration and values.

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Cooking Up a Happy Ending Around Town

Cooking Up a Happy Ending

After years of sharing “delicious but doable” recipes on her blog, “Once Upon a Chef,” Jennifer Segal’s new book of the same name continues that theme and style, just in countertop format.

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An Israeli Cheesecake, Kind of Global Inspired

An Israeli Cheesecake, Kind of

Just before Shavuot last year, Leah got an itch to make the light cheesecake she used to make back in Israel, but she couldn’t remember how, so she embarked upon a quest to find it.

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<em>Bourekas</em>: A Pocket Full of Love Global Inspired

Bourekas: A Pocket Full of Love

A craving for bourekas, the cheese-filled puff pastry triangle that’s popular in Israel, and the holiday of Shavuot inspired Leah to try her hand at homemade puff pastry. The results were delicious.

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