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Global Inspired

Tabletop Traveling:
A New Series

Tabletop Traveling: A New Series

Besides road trips and nearby nature, summer travel has mostly been canceled. In the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring menus and ideas for meals that will whisk you away—no passport required.

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Global Inspired

Tabletop Traveling:
Jet-Lag-Free Japan

Tabletop Traveling: Jet-Lag-Free Japan

Times are stressful, and travel is off the table, but with this edition of Tabletop Traveling, everyone can enjoy the serenity and unique flavors of Japanese culture and cuisine—sans the jet lag.

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Recipe of the Week

What I love about this tart is that it is so versatile—you

Private Cooking Classes in Your Own Kitchen Around Town

Private Cooking Classes in Your Own Kitchen

When a food tour company went on a pandemic-induced pause, its founder, a MD native now living in Israel, launched a platform to bring chefs, sommeliers and culinary experts into people’s homes.

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Summer’s Escaping Garlic Scapes Everyday Eats

Summer’s Escaping Garlic Scapes

Have you met the rock star of the farmers markets? It’s garlic scapes, the tasty, versatile, flowering stalk of hard-necked garlic, and it’s only around for one or two weeks a year.

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Watermelon on the Knife Global Inspired

Watermelon on the Knife

Wouldn’t it be great if we could taste watermelons before buying them, like in Israel in the past? Watermelon that isn’t sweet disappoints, but when turned into granita it awakens Leah’s childhood memories.

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Support the DC COVID Emergency Fund Around Town

Support the DC COVID Emergency Fund

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington has mobilized to aid vulnerable members of the community and institutions through the Jewish Community Coronavirus Response Fund.

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