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Everyday Eats


Shab-basket Shalom!

August days call for outdoor eating. Pack your picnic basket with some of our recommended dishes or pick something up on the way. Just don’t forget Laura’s key tips to round it all out.

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Holidays & Occasions

Shabbat Under
the Stars

Shabbat Under the Stars

When the weather is warm, consider taking your Shabbat meal off the table and bringing it down to earth—literally. Judith shares a guide on how to pack a Shabbat picnic.

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Recipe of the Week

A beautiful package of Italian garden flavors, these peppers feature a smooth

Potatoes and Putting Stakes in the Ground Everyday Eats

Potatoes and Putting Stakes in the Ground

For Tanya and her family, planting potatoes on their new farm in Vermont is symbolic of the risk they took to become farmers in the first place.

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In a Pickle to Preserve Summer Bounty Everyday Eats

In a Pickle to Preserve Summer Bounty

With temperatures still high, end-of-summer (or early fall, really) produce may not be the prettiest, but—with the help of some pickling and jamming—it’s the best for savoring summer all year.

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Tomatoes to Stay Grounded Everyday Eats

Tomatoes to Stay Grounded

With everything so new following a big move from Maryland to Vermont, Tanya and her family are adjusting. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: the tomatoes that peek out in August.

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Watermelon on the Knife Global Inspired

Watermelon on the Knife

Wouldn’t it be great if we could taste watermelons before buying them, like in Israel in the past? Watermelon that isn’t sweet disappoints, but when turned into granita it awakens Leah’s childhood memories.

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