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Everyday Eats

Bake Your Own
Burger Buns

Bake Your Own Burger Buns

The days of squishy, deflated burger buns are over! Leah has a recipe for homemade burger buns that are sturdy and slightly sweet and sure to elevate any summer grilling.

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Everyday Eats

A Fish (Sandwich)

A Fish (Sandwich) Story

What could be more Florida than fish? That’s what Sherry, who grew up in her grandparents’ deli, found while vacationing on Sanibel Island, where she discovered the “grouper Reuben.”

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Recipe of the Week

The idea that ketchup is made with tomatoes is a fairly recent

Behind Italian Cuisine, a Jewish Influence Global Inspired

Behind Italian Cuisine, a Jewish Influence

The picturesque island of Sicily was once home to a large Jewish community. Though it has diminished, it left a significant mark, particularly on Italian cuisine and adoption of eggplants, peppers and tomatoes.

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Summer’s Escaping Garlic Scapes Everyday Eats

Summer’s Escaping Garlic Scapes

Have you met the rock star of the farmers markets? It’s garlic scapes, the tasty, versatile, flowering stalk of hard-necked garlic, and it’s only around for one or two weeks a year.

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Lots to Love about Tu b’Av Holidays & Occasions

Lots to Love about Tu b’Av

Tu b’Av is often called the “Jewish Valentine’s Day,” but there’s actually a lot more to it than that. And just because it’s a minor holiday doesn’t mean it’s not worth celebrating.

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Tomatoes: Summer’s Ripe, Red Treasures Everyday Eats

Tomatoes: Summer’s Ripe, Red Treasures

Many of us wait all year long to savor summer’s sweet, ripe, juicy tomatoes. For Tanya, a farmer growing them, that love runs even deeper—it might even be her favorite plant.

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