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Holidays & Occasions

10 Shabbat Traditions
for Young Families

10 Shabbat Traditions for Young Families

With a toddler and a baby at home, Diana and her family have come up with ten modern ways to celebrate Shabbat that work for even the youngest members of the household.

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Everyday Eats

Rolling Up
Successful Rugelach

Rolling Up Successful Rugelach

Heather was excited to incorporate the flavors of her Southern upbringing into rugelach, that beloved cookie of her new Jewish culture, but along the way she hit more than a few bumps…

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Recipe of the Week

Creamy cheese and roasted vegetable flavors burst forth from a delicious salty

Parties and Pancakes End Passover Global Inspired

Parties and Pancakes End Passover

Passover’s over? Quick—go buy flour! As the holiday wraps up, Moroccan Jews host Mimouna parties with lavish tables of sweets and stacks of mufletas, thin pancakes made of the first post-holiday ingredients.

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The Key to Good Fortune Global Inspired

The Key to Good Fortune

When it comes to superstitious rituals, the divide between Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews isn’t as wide as some might think. Case in point: bsisa and shlissel challah, two post-Passover practices to bring prosperity.

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For Essential Jewish Recipes, Look No Further Around Town

For Essential Jewish Recipes, Look No Further

JFE® Advisory Council member and contributor Marcia Friedman recently released her new cookbook, which packs 100 “essential,” yet friendly and approachable, Jewish recipes spanning varied geographies, categories, cuisines and diets.

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(Good) Under Pressure Around Town

(Good) Under Pressure

Paula Shoyer’s new cookbook takes the Instant Pot® for a kosher spin. Shoyer’s argument: The IP® is perfect for those Jewish dishes that call for many hours of cooking.

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