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Around Town

Beloved Pizzeria Rolls
Out Creative Sushi

Beloved Kosher Pizzeria Rolls Out Creative Sushi

Rockville’s Nut House Pizza isn’t rolling just pizza pies anymore. Co-owner Michael Chelst has now added a new kosher sushi setup under the same roof called Sushi7.

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Around Town

Not Your Grandma’s
Burger and Fries

Not Your Grandma’s Burger and Fries

A new kosher pop-up named Bubbie’s has landed on H Street, but it’s not what you think it is. Hint: You won’t find bagels, cream cheese and lox—or anything like them.

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Recipe of the Week

Making cheese bourekas from made-from-scratch puff pastry is a labor of love.

Digging Deeper for Meaning Holidays & Occasions

Digging Deeper for Meaning

On Lag b’Omer it’s customary to make a big bonfire and grill meat and potatoes. Although they won’t be ready for Lag b’Omer, Tanya and her family recently planted spuds on their farm.

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Finding Reasons to Celebrate Holidays & Occasions

Finding Reasons to Celebrate

Lag b’Omer is a day to celebrate life with picnics, cookouts and bonfires. This lesser known holiday, a break in a serious period on the Jewish calendar, also heralds summer on the horizon.

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Udderly in Tune with Shavuot Around Town

Udderly in Tune with Shavuot

Most goats are bread in late fall or early winter and give birth in spring, which means that dairy-heavy Shavuot coincides perfectly with when the first goat milk goes to humans.

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Nostalgia Tastes Like Blueberry Cheesecake Global Inspired

Nostalgia Tastes Like Blueberry Cheesecake

Growing up in Israel, Shulie didn’t eat out much, but the blueberry cheesecake at Kapulsky, the legendary café chain, left lasting memories, so she recreated it at home.

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