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Global Inspired

Flódni to

<em>Flódni</em> to Remember

Meet flódni, the sweet specialty of Jewish Budapest, a humble, but towering cake of five layers of dough and four different traditional Jewish fillings—apple, walnut, poppy seed and plum jam.

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Holidays & Occasions

Have Hamantashen,
Will Swap

Have Hamantashen, Will Swap

Fun hamantashen flavors coupled with the tradition of misloach manot (gift baskets) makes Purim the perfect holiday for a cookie swap. Ask friends to bring one kind; then gather to taste and swap!

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Recipe of the Week

These Double Tahini hamantashen are based on my mom’s basic hamantashen recipe

A Partnership Story that Stands Out Around Town

A Partnership Story that Stands Out

Even before they joined forces to establish Standout Public Relations, a PR company for the restaurant industry, Julie Melnick and Jennie Kuperstein had a lot in common, including strong Jewish identity.

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Crank Up a Crockpot for a Purim Feast Holidays & Occasions

Crank Up a Crockpot for a Purim Feast

Ah, Purim… Did you know that in addition to the costumes there’s a tradition of eating meat? Particularly, if you plan on imbibing, a slow cooker will ensure tender, no-fuss meat.

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Beyond Vanilla: Hamantashen Reborn Holidays & Occasions

Beyond Vanilla: Hamantashen Reborn

Paula was no lover of hamantashen until she began to think about them in a more creative way: Who said prune and poppy seed are musts? Must the dough be boring vanilla?

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A Jewish–Italian Calzone for Purim Global Inspired

A Jewish–Italian Calzone for Purim

Not a fan of sweets? Though not traditional, with their triangular, pocket shape, calzones fit the bill for an Italian-inspired Purim, especially when filled with eggplant and peppers, beloved by Italian Jews.

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