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Gianduja Gelato

Recipe by David Lebovitz

<em>Gianduja</em> Gelato

On my first visit to Torino, Italy, I arrived in rabid pursuit of gianduja, a confection made from local hazelnuts ground with milk chocolate that is a specialty of the

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Whole Lemon Bar

Recipe by Judith Rontal

Whole Lemon Bar

When life gives you lemons…make lemon bars! These lemon bars require no juicing; just put the whole lemon in and don’t forget the sugar. They’re perfect for a party or

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Schav (Sour Grass)

Recipe by Jared Polis

<em>Schav</em> (Sour Grass)

Recipe from Rae Keller, Congressman Jared Polis’ late great-grandmother, reprinted from the 1974 The International Grandmothers’ Cookbook: Favorite Recipes of Grandmothers from Around the World by Eileen Weppner.

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