There’s no arguing the merit of a good blintz, but this Shavuot let blintzes take a break from the dessert tray with some new takes on dairy desserts. Sweeten the holiday with fresh takes on old classics, like cheesecake turned into bite-sized truffles, or all new dishes, like pudding parfaits. You’ll love surprising your family with these five new ideas for creamy dessert.

Mini Cheesecakes
Shavuot and cheesecake go together like peanut butter and jelly, and that’s not a tradition we want to break. But we certainly love a new presentation of an old favorite, like cutting your cake into bite-sized squares, rolling cheesecake into chocolate-covered truffles (top photo) or stuffing your batter into hollowed-out strawberries. Or make mini cheesecakes in muffin cups with a vanilla wafer as a crust and an easy cheesecake filling poured over.

Pudding Parfaits
puddingparfaitAs an alternative to ice cream sundaes, give pudding parfaits a try. This dish is totally up to your customization. Use store-bought or homemade pudding and add layers of nuts, fruit, crushed cookies or candy in between dollops. Try a s’mores combo or fruity favorite. Better yet, make it a Shavuot activity with a pudding parfait bar: load the table with multiple flavors of puddings and mix-ins and let your guests create their own. Miss the cold? Turn your parfait into a frozen pudding pop!

Sour Cream Coffeecake
It’s breakfast for dessert! This coffeecake calls for dairy-rich sour cream to keep it moist and flakey and gets plenty of sweet from the addition of a brown sugar and cinnamon-nut filling. Serve it for dessert, but make sure to save yourself a slice to enjoy for breakfast the next day—we won’t judge!

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cookies
Everyone’s a fan of red velvet cake, and you know it’s because of the sweet cream cheese frosting. Get your red kicks and cream cheese licks all in one bite with a cookie version of the southern dessert that blends the cream cheese right into the batter. After you’ve tried this recipe, you’ll never think about those cupcakes and cakes again.

Vanilla Cream Éclairs
Give Shavuot a French spin with flakey cream-filled éclairs for dessert. The delicate batter is easier to make than you think, so don’t be intimidated! After baking, stuff each pastry with a vanilla cream filling, and dip the top into colorful glazes like chocolate and strawberry. Of course, sprinkles go a long way for presentation. Try your hand at this French classic—it’s sure to become a new Shavuot tradition.