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Doro Wot

by Leah Koenig

Ethiopian Jews serve this fiery chicken stew for special meals. Heaps of onion, garlic and ginger meld together into a saucy base and get a big boost of flavor from

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Mexican Shakshuka

by Heather Bien

For this take on shakshuka, I decided to do a culinary mashup of the Israeli recipe with classic Mexican flavors. With my recent conversion to Judaism and my Mexican heritage,

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by Alon Shaya

Eggs poached in a spicy, savory tomato sauce: this dish serves itself. It’s my go-to when I show up at someone’s house and everyone is hungry. Chances are, there are

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Green Shakshuka

by Jack's Wife Freda

Shakshuka (shahk-SHOO-ka) is a dish of Tunisian origin, possibly dating back to the Ottoman Empire, and possessively beloved by Libyans, Egyptians, Moroccans, Algerians and Israelis alike. Simply put, it’s a

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