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bread & savory pastries

Yeasted Pumpkin Bread

by Leah Koenig

Sephardi Jews traditionally eat foods made with pumpkin and squash on Rosh Hashanah, when they hold symbolic significance. Jewish traders also played a major role in spreading the New World

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Ritual Challah

by Beth Ricanati

I share this recipe with a nod to the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Manhattan. I have adapted and used this recipe of theirs, which a friend of mine shared

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PB&J on the Beach

by Nani Beraha

A simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich is delicious anywhere. But add the freedom of vacation and some salty beach air and you have the perfect lunch. And why not

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by Alex Levin

SAF Instant yeast can be purchased online. It is the same as rapid rise yeast, but different from active dry yeast that’s sold in supermarkets. Active dry yeast is an unreliable

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by Marcia Friedman

Bialys originated in Bialystok, Poland, and were brought to the United States by Jewish immigrants in the early 1900s. Cousin to the bagel, bialys are fun, small round breads with

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