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The Noisemaker

The Noisemaker Related:   drinks, pareve, vegan, vegetarian

Prep time: 10 minutes, plus chilling

Cook time: n/a

Yield: 10-12 punch cocktails

My memories of childhood Purim celebrations are different than those of my grown up Purim celebrations, which, of course, include drinking. We’re not supposed to get drunk, of course, but we are supposed to drink until we don’t know the difference between the wicked Haman and the good Mordechai. I’ve always wanted to make a festive punch, and this one is great for your Purim party. I, of course, made this recipe using Catoctin Creek’s Roundstone Rye, but if you’d like to use another whisky, you should try the recipe out ahead of time. Remember that many corn based whiskies, including bourbon, are quite sweet on their own, so you may need to adjust the finished ginger ale and fruit juice. Aperol is a slightly bitter Italian liqueur that adds a nice flavor and a bit of color. To make just one cocktail, simply convert cups to ounces!


  • 2 cups Catoctin Creek Distilling Company Roundstone Rye
  • 1 cup Aperol Liqueur
  • 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
  • ½ cup freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 10 whole green cardamom pods
  • 8-10 large chunks of star anise (about three whole pieces)
  • 1 liter good quality ginger ale, chilled
  • Citrus wheels for garnish


  • Combine the Roundstone Rye, Aperol, orange juice, lime juice, cardamom pods and star anise in a large pitcher and stir well. Put it in the fridge for several hours, but minimum 1 hour. Just before serving, add ice to the pitcher and stir well for about 30 to 45 seconds. Strain the mix into a punch bowl using a strainer to remove the ice, but allow some of the cardamom and star anise to float in the bowl as a garnish. Add all of the ginger ale and several round slices of lime, lemon or small oranges for garnish. Serve with or without ice in 6-ounce punch cups using a punch ladle.

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