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Edible Menorahs

Edible Menorahs Related:   Hanukkah, kid-friendly

Prep time: varies

Cook time: varies

Yield: varies

This had been a fun tradition in our family since my son Sam was in pre-school. Here’s what we wrote for a school cookbook in 2000 when he was 4:  When it’s Chanukah, my mom and I have fun thinking of different bottoms for menorahs. After the candles burn, we get to eat it!  My mom says be safe: make sure the holders are stable enough for lit candles and use a large dish, metal tray or cookie sheet to hold your menorah. Here are some ideas. Now you can think of more by yourself.


  • Cupcakes – Fun to decorate with icing and I like sprinkles. Kids can come decorate their own and then eat it later.
  • Jelly doughnuts – I like these! Stick a candle in 9 of them before you eat them. (Since they are fried, sufganiyot, as they are called in Hebrew, have become a traditional food for Chanukah.)
  • Big marshmallows and peanut butter cups – You can make each one tall or not. If you do, my mom showed me a toothpick can keep them together.
  • Oranges and apples – These are too healthy. My mom’s idea is you slice off a little of the bottom so they stand flat, then stick in candles. You can eat them after, but I like cupcakes and marshmallows better.
  • Mini-bagels – This is a good breakfast menorah! Put cream cheese in the hole for the candle.

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