In an inconspicuous, yet known, corner of every massive Israeli hotel breakfast buffet sits a cast-iron skillet teeming with poached eggs sitting atop of a bed of spicy tomato sauce with peppers and onions. The line for this Tunisian-inspired dish typically wraps around the dining hall as tourists and natives alike clamor for a taste of this delicacy known as shakshuka.

In effort to simplify chaotic nights filled with sports’ team practices, Girl Scout meetings, homework and an endless string of other activities, this simple, healthy, quick-and-easy-to-prepare one-pot dish often makes its way to our dinner table.

In Hebrew, shakshuka means “all mixed up.” And that’s exactly what it is: a unique mix-up of regionally inspired flavors and textures. Some days, we add some feta cheese and make it dairy, and other days we make it meat by throwing some chopped chicken shawarma into the sauce. No matter what we mix in, it’s devoured.

This week, I decided to mix it up some more. Tired of the traditional latke and doughnut Chanukah celebration, I began researching unique latke recipes. I found some really enticing ones out in the food-blogosphere: brisket-topped latkes, grilled-cheese latkes and even latke waffles. Never one to buck an exciting food trend, latke shakshuka was born.

Chanukah is eight days long—why not mix it up this year? Try some unique and inspiring twists on the traditional latke.