Anyone keeping their finger on the pulse of Israeli food in the US is familiar with Zahav, Michael Solomonov’s pioneering and multiple-award-winning modern Israeli restaurant in Philadelphia. But these days, even with patio dining, Philly (and restaurants and travel in general) are off the agenda for a lot of us.

If there’s one good thing that’s come out of the pandemic, though, it’s that we’ve gotten access to lots of things what were out of reach before, whether it’s that super-popular exercise class, a middle-of-the-day reading by your favorite author or a cooking class with an admired chef—in this case, Michael Solomonov.

On December 2, The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, in partnership with 50 other federations, is hosting Solomonov for a Chanukah-themed cooking class. And you can be part of it no matter where you are. Guests around the country (and the world!) will join the chef in his home kitchen to prepare favorites from Zahav and Solomonov’s other Philly establishments. And it’s all happening via videoconferencing and is totally free of charge for participants.

This event is the second in a series of three taking place this year. Five thousand people tuned in to the first, a Rosh Hashanah class featuring roasted chicken with honey-and-onion glaze, the famous Zahav tabbouleh and Solomonov’s late mother’s honey cake. The final demonstration is scheduled for the spring, before Passover.

The menu for the 90-minute Chanukah session spans the Jewish Diaspora, from classic Ashkenazi potato latkes to Roman artichokes with poached salmon to sfenj, the Moroccan answer to sufganiyot. And to wash it all down: apple shrub, a tangy, not-too-sweet drink made of cider, apple cider vinegar and spices that’s festive yet fitting for all ages. After watching and participating in the demonstration, you’ll be set to make your own Solomonov-esque Chanukah meal.

All it takes to participate is a simple online signup, and you’ll get the recipes and a list of ingredients in advance, so you can be ready to cook along. Prepare your workspace and don your apron—it’s not every day that you get Solomonov in your kitchen!

To participate, register here.