New Year’s resolutions have come in and out of people’s heads, but I have come up with one that is very easy and obtainable. This year’s you may want to consider drinking some fun and affordable wines which actually seem to have some health benefits when drunk in moderation! The wines I have showcased in this blog are all red, which according to many medical reports contain resveratrol, which is a good thing. Resveratrol is a phenol found in red wine that helps lower blood sugars and prevent heart issues. So since everyone wants to live a little healthier without working very hard at it, I say relax and enjoy some red wine. Other benefits? A nice, full-bodied red wine during the winter can warm you up and make you relax. It can also pair well with many types of foods.

Start by looking for a wine with a good price. Not all good wines have a big ticket, Some are good enough for your pleasure and to share with others. Especially when you are in a casual situation, a value wine is a good choice. With all this in mind, I have selected wines that have a great price point for any budget. The wines reviewed this week are from Argentina and Chile. Both retail around $10 per bottle and are currently available at The Wine Harvest at Park Potomac and in other shops around the DC metropolitan area.

Cabernet SauvignonA great red from Chile is made by Louis Filipe Edwards Winery and part of the line called Terra Vega. While Terra Vega has white and red wines, my favorite red varietal is the Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is made in the grape growing region of Chile’s central valley. The beauty of this wine is that it is designed to be consumed now. With soft tannins, it has an elegant nose filled with fresh cherry notes and cassis. This wine will pair well with your best friend over a nice piece of lean meat and some grilled mushrooms.

MalbecFrom Argentina, I have chosen a wine made by Don Guillermo from Mendoza that is made of malbec grapes. Malbec is the most commonly grown grape in Argentina and, since the markets are hit with major concentration, there are more chances of finding a better bottle at a lower price. Made with hand-harvested grapes, the winery selects the best grapes for this style of production. Another wine you can pop the cork and enjoy, this wine will boast its ruby red character the second it leaves the bottle. The nose will be welcomed by berries, cherries and even a good dose of ripe fig. As the wine hits your lips, you will taste mature fruit notes of cherry and currant. There will also be a touch of the fig note lingering towards the back, and a soft and mild tannic structure will encourage you to have another sip.

With the cold weather here, instead of being a bear and hibernating, wake up and sip some delicious wines that will help you through the cold and have some healthy benefits.