Chanukah is just around the corner, and if you’re scrambling to figure out gifts this year, consider giving the gift of supporting businesses from women who also happen to be Jewish. These eight female-led brands and organizations are paving the way for Jewish women in the food industry. Give your favorite foodie the gift that gives back, not to mention some delicious treats and cooking tools they will want to use in 2020.

1. Great Jones’ Cookware
Started by childhood friends Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis, who met at summer camp 20 years ago, Great Jones is a product of their shared love of food (Chipwich ice-cream sandwiches and pizza pockets brought them together) and a desire to find reasonably priced, long-lasting, beautiful cookware. Named after Judith Jones, the renowned cookbook editor who worked with Joan Nathan and Julia Child and is responsible for The Diary of Anne Frank to be published in English, Great Jones cookware empowers cooks in the kitchen and women entrepreneurs.

The brand’s line focuses on a few key pieces, including The Dutchess, an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven, and the Deep Cut, a custom hybrid between a deep sauté pan and a skillet that is perfect for latkes. And if you need a Chanukah miracle, text any cooking question to their free “Potline” at 1-814-BISCUIT Monday through Friday, from 4 to 5pm EST.

2. Molly Yeh’s Apron Collaboration with Enrich & Endure
One of our favorite Jewish cookbook authors, food blogger and TV show host Molly Yeh collaborated with Irish linen company Enrich & Endure to create a line of aprons that reflect her colorful personality. Yeh is known for her creative takes on classic Jewish foods like Pizza Latkes and Latke Pumpkin Pie, as well as her love of sprinkles, which inspired one of the apron patterns. Choose that pattern or the rainbow apron for the most stylish cook in your life. Both are made using high-quality Irish linen and bring pops of color into the kitchen. Special perk: They come with a handwritten note and recipe card from Yeh herself.

3. Pineapple Collaborative’s Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar
Started in DC as a simple potluck dinner, Pineapple Collaborative is a community that connects and celebrates women who love food. Founders Ariel Pasternak and Atara Bernstein’s “pine for” mantra leads their community and reflects the idea that true connection, friendship and mutual advancement occurs when we collaborate and support each other.

We definitely pine for their new pantry staples released just in time for Chanukah. Their Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar are pantry staples made by women and sustainably harvested from California crops. Support Pineapple Collaborative and further their mission of coming together for a meal this Chanukah to create community and celebrate women who love food.

4. Seed + Mill’s Halva
Halva is a Middle Eastern sweet made with tahini and sugar. Some of the best halva you can find comes from Seed + Mill, a Jewish women-owned business from three friends, Lisa Mendelson, Monica Molenaar and Rachel Simons, whose dream of seeing tahini find its rightful place in kitchens around the US is becoming a reality. Seed + Mill’s halva, available in unique flavor combinations like Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate Raspberry and the classic Pistachio and Marble, is specially produced in Israel, and the company also offers sesame spice blends and tahini milled at its Chelsea Market shop.

5. Soom Foods’ Tahini
Since there’s no such thing as too much sesame, include a jar of tahini by the local Jewish sisters behind Soom Foods. After tasting tahini brought back from Israel, these sisters became obsessed with the product and wanted to make it readily available in the grocery aisles of their own stores in the US. Soom Foods was soon created, and the business recently expanded to include other Middle Eastern staples like Silan Date Syrup and single-serving squeeze packs of their famed tahini. Gift one of their bundles for Chanukah and help spread the love of tahini among those around you.

6. Dolcezza’s Gelato
Dolcezza Gelato produces small batches of gelato daily in DC using the best local ingredients sourced from their farmer friends. Led by husband-and-wife duo Robb Duncan and Violeta Edelman, whose family is Jewish and has ties to Israel, Dolcezza Gelato grew from a travel love story that ended with gelato in Violeta’s hometown of Buenos Aires. Don’t miss a visit to the DC factory, where you can purchase some gelato there and meet the owners. Not in DC? Never fear: You can purchase their pints at Whole Foods Markets nationwide. Popular flavors include Roasted Strawberry, Stracciatella and Milk Chocolate. A sampler is a foolproof gift for any ice cream-loving host.

7. EHChocolatier’s Gelt
Get the gift of high-quality, actually tasty gelt from EHChocolatier this year. The women-owned business began  when a mutual friend asked Elaine Hsieh, whose husband is Jewish, and Catharine Sweeney to bake her a wedding cake. The adventure didn’t stop there, as the two became close friends and continued cooking together and creating holiday treats for friends and family. For Chanukah, EHChocolatier makes gold-topped unwrapped coins of chocolate. Each bag contains a mix of dark chocolate and ginger, milk chocolate and orange, and dulce de leche flavors. Grab a dreidel and spin your way to winning some of the best gelt around.

8. Jewish Food Society’s Keychains and Tote
Give a challah, pastrami or even a gefilte fish lover the gift of a personalized keychain from Jewish Food Society. The organization was started by Naama Shefi, who previously led cultural programming at the Israeli consulate in New York, after a Shabbat dinner with her husband’s Turkish-born grandmother, Jewish Food Society—not unlike our own JFE®—aims to preserve the stories and recipes of Jewish communities and families around the world. Make your love of Jewish food known with one of their keychains or tote bags featuring some of our tradition’s most notable dishes and ingredients.