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Yehudit Aviv

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About the Author

Yehudit AvivYehudit Aviv didn't grow up cooking, but at age 16 she fell in love with baking after she successfully made her first cheesecake. She began to experiment in the kitchen when she and her husband relocated to the south of Israel away from their families, and she cooked her way through a Moroccan cookbook. The mother of three boys, she is the blogger and photographer behind the Hebrew blog The Food Whisperer

Beef Patties with Lamb Fat

Recipe by Yehudit Aviv

Beef Patties with Lamb Fat

This is my take on meat patties. I add lamb fat for amazing flavor, seltzer for unmatched lightness and walnuts for crunch. This is great recipe for Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day), backyard summer barbecues and even Passover.

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