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Valeriya Nakshun

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About the Author

Valeriya NakshunBorn in Dagestan, Valeriya Nakshun has a broad background working for arts organizations in Maryland and Washington, DC. She loves to cook family recipes and posts her creations on her Instagram: @lera_aviva. She is a company dancer for Silk Road Dance Company, Community Outreach Coordinator for Sephardic Heritage International (SHIN) DC and a writer for ReOrient Magazine.

Kavkazi Fried Kurze (Meat-Filled Dumplings)

Recipe by Valeriya Nakshun

Kavkazi Fried <i>Kurze</i> (Meat-Filled Dumplings)

One of the most iconic dishes of Kavkazi (Mountain Jews) cuisine is called kurze (pronounced koor-zeh). Kurze are little, braided, meat-filled dumplings, and are perhaps an influence that came to our region from East and Central Asia. When done right, these dumplings have a light and soft-doughy shell and a juicy, melt-in-your-mouth meat filling. The

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