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Paul Entis

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About the Author

Paul EntisPaul Entis, JFE director, is passionate about all things culinary: good food, kitchen gadgets, hosting brunches, ordering artisanal ingredients online, adapting recipes, watching Top Chef, you name it. He’s worked in the nonprofit world for close to 20 years as a fundraiser, event planner, administrator and program director. Paul served as the Site Director for AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps’ DC site and Hillel Director at the University of Southern California and UMass/Amherst. He is interested in food as a social justice issue and volunteers at N Street Village helping prepare a monthly meal for the agency’s clients.

Purim in a Box

by Paul Entis

Purim in a Box

On Purim it’s customary to give delicious gift baskets (mishloach manot). This year, JFE® and Mouth have teamed up to offer the especially meaningful (and tasty) Purim Schpiel Taster.

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