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Merav Levkowitz

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About the Author

Merav LevkowitzMerav Levkowitz is JFE®'s editor-in-chief and a writer, editor and content strategist. The daughter of an Israeli and a Colombian, Merav speaks six languages and has eaten her way around the globe. At any moment, Merav is planning either her next meal or her next trip—or both.

A Global Rosh Hashanah Roundup

by Merav Levkowitz

A Global Rosh Hashanah Roundup

A new year is coming, so how about some new flavors? This year, we went through our collection to put together a list of some of our favorite Rosh Hashanah (and Yom Kippur) recipes. The result ended up being a trip around the world, with local flavors, too.

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