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Lisa Goldberg

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About the Author

Lisa GoldbergLisa, a self-confessed fresser, started professional life as a lawyer and has enormous passion for food, cooking and preserving recipes. She has a great understanding of, and connection to, the Jewish community, and since 2006 has been Chief Pot Stirrer of the Monday Morning Cooking Club. This project has changed Lisa’s life and taken her obsession with food to a whole new level.

Honey Snap Biscuits

Recipe by Lisa Goldberg

Honey Snap Biscuits

These are the most delightful, simple-to-make and—best of all—easy-to-eat honey snap biscuits, perfect for Rosh Hashanah (or any time of year). Huge thanks to Carolyn Levitt in Perth for sharing

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Flommen Tsimmes Brisket

Recipe by Lisa Goldberg

<em>Flommen Tsimmes</em> Brisket

This recipe comes from the kitchen of Jacqui Wasilewsky, Sydney, Australia: “My family ate this sweet brisket at Pesach and Rosh Hashanah. Originally from my grandmother, who was quite secretive

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Chocolate Yeast Kugelhopf

Recipe by Lisa Goldberg

Chocolate Yeast <em>Kugelhopf</em>

A gorgeous golden cake with a just-crusty-enough sugary top and a soft slightly bready inside swirled with gooey chocolate. Perfect for afternoon tea, even better served warm for breakfast. It’s

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