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Judith Rontal

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About the Author

Judith RontalJudith Rontal hails from wintry Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she grew up in a family that always managed to eat dinner together. She’s continued that connection between food, family and culture in her blog, Aluminum Foiled Kitchen, and in her daily life in DC. When not in the kitchen working on a new recipe, you can find Judith sweating it out at yoga or on the Rock Creek Park trails. Follow her food adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

Cauliflower Hummus

Recipe by Judith Rontal

Cauliflower Hummus

Hummus has become a staple in our diets and is perhaps one of the hardest foods to give up for Passover if you don’t eat beans. The versatile dip can be used in so many ways—a dip for veggies, spreads for sandwiches or matzah, stuffed into sweet potatoes and to thicken soups. Instead of giving

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Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls)

Recipe by Judith Rontal

<em>Onigiri</em> (Japanese Rice Balls)

Put down the rolling pin and create a new kind of triangle to enjoy during Purim. Onigiri are Japanese triangle-shaped rice treats featuring hidden fillings. Keep it classic by sprinkling the rice with sesame seeds or furikake, or get creative with your fillings, for example filling with chicken or tuna to make it a meal.

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Za’atar Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Recipe by Judith Rontal

<em>Za’atar</em> Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Forget the cinnamon and add some Mediterranean flair to your sweet potatoes this fall. Za’atar (available at Middle Eastern and kosher food markets, as well as online) is a blend of hyssop, salt and often oregano and sesame seeds that complements the sweet, earthy flavor of fall’s favorite potato. Serve these with your Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving meal or

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