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Jodi Ochstein

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About the Author

Jodi OchsteinJodi Ochstein is a social media strategist web developer and owner of Ochstein Strategies. She is a longtime activist and has worked for Jewish nonprofit organizations and volunteered for over 10 years. Jodi currently serves as VP of Education and Programming for Adas Israel Sisterhood. She co-founded a Potluck Shabbat group and started a social group for Jewish adults called L’Chaim v’Yayin (To Life and Wine).

Israeli Cuisine is Here to Stay

by Jodi Ochstein

Israeli Cuisine is Here to Stay

For the first time ever, Miami’s famous South Beach Wine and Food Festival included a kosher dinner (“Exploring Israel”) featuring Israeli-cuisine champions Michael Solomonov, Alon Shaya, Ashley Christensen and Zak the Baker.

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