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Efrat Petel, Shirley Ben-David and Ofrit Barnea

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About the Author

Efrat Petel, Shirley Ben-David and Ofrit BarneaEfrat Petel (bottom left) is the real food chef and integrative nutrition coach behind DAILY, a place for real food. Shirley Ben David (top left) is the integrative nutrition coach behind Taste of Courage. Ofrit Barnea, an integrative nutrition coach, leads healthy cooking workshops and trains and coaches individuals on healthy living.

Stovetop Flatbread

Recipe by Efrat Petel, Shirley Ben-David and Ofrit Barnea

Stovetop Flatbread

Love bread, but looking for a more wholesome option? We’re right there with you. This recipe calls for spelt, one of the ancient grains mentioned in the bible. Nutritionally, spelt far surpasses wheat. A low-glycemic grain that’s high in soluble fiber, spelt is easy to digest and makes you feel full. It is also rich

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