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Beyhan Çagri Trock

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About the Author

Beyhan Çagri TrockBeyhan is the third daughter of a Jewish mother (Beti) and Muslim father (Zeki) who immigrated with the family to the US in 1958. Her book, The Ottoman Turk and the Pretty Jewish Girl,  is an outstanding Turkish/Sephardic cookbook as well as a fascinating memoir that captures a precious legacy—the “old world” family recipes which have been passed down from one generation of cooks to the next in an unbroken chain.

Albondigas de Pirasa

Recipe by Beyhan Çagri Trock

<em>Albondigas de Pirasa</em>

For Turkish Jews, the Passover Seder meal always includes a variety of succulent vegetable and beef patties, which are prepared days ahead and are then warmed up in the oven during the Seder. My favorite of these Sephardic dishes is a seasoned ground beef and leek mixture formed into patties and fried—hence the name Albondigas

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Tarama (Salty Carp Roe Spread)

Recipe by Beyhan Çagri Trock

<i>Tarama</i> (Salty Carp Roe Spread)

Being immigrants from Turkey, it was common in my family to have fish or salty meats with toast and tea in the morning. Perhaps our caviar wasn’t the expensive Russian kind, but we often spread salty tarama, or “carp roe,” on our toast instead of jelly. In the 1970’s ready-made taramosalata became available in markets. It tastes okay.

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Turkish Butternut Squash Dessert

Recipe by Beyhan Çagri Trock

Turkish Butternut Squash Dessert

I always thought that the beautiful delight my mother served every Thanksgiving was some exotic pumpkin or sweet potato drenched in syrup and topped with chopped nuts. Who knew this glorious deep-orange delicacy, with the tender texture and hint of lemon was actually a weirdly-shaped winter vegetable!?!  Butternut Squash Dessert is served room temperature and

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