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Amelia Saltsman

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About the Author

Amelia SaltsmanAmelia Saltsman, award-winning author of The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen and The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook, is passionate about helping everyday cooks make the connection between small-farmed foods and real-life meals. In her warm style, Amelia streamlines today’s desire for healthier, sustainable foods; the need to get dinner on the table; and the longing for rich holiday traditions into one seamless whole.

Roasted Carrot and Sweet Potato Tzimmes

Recipe by Amelia Saltsman

Roasted Carrot and Sweet Potato <em>Tzimmes</em>

Tzimmes is an Eastern European stew of carrots and/or sweet potatoes and prunes traditionally cooked with beef flanken, often sweetened with brown or white sugar and sometimes thickened with flour. In Yiddish, the word tzimmes means “a big fuss,” probably because of all the work required to make the old-style dish. This version couldn’t be

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Zengoula with Lemon Syrup (Iraqi Funnel Cakes)

Recipe by Amelia Saltsman

<em>Zengoula</em> with Lemon Syrup (Iraqi Funnel Cakes)

Also known as jalabi, these crisp fritters, or funnel cakes, were adopted by Iraqi Jews centuries ago as the perfect fried food to celebrate the miracle of Chanukah. Traditionally soaked in sugar syrup, they are infinitely more wonderful when infused with a tangy lemon syrup. It takes only a few minutes to whisk together the

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