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Abbie Rosner

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About the Author

Abbie RosnerAbbie Rosner writes about the multicultural culinary landscape of the Galilee for publications including Gastronomica and Wine Spectator and on her blog, Galilee Seasonality. She also established and operates "Culinary Tours of the Galilee," which introduces visitors to Israel to the foods of the Galilee and the diverse cultures that prepare them.

Farike (Roasted Green Wheat)

Recipe by Abbie Rosner

Farike (Roasted Green Wheat)

Farike (sometimes spelled freekeh or farika) has a rich, smoky flavor and is a refreshingly different side dish to accompany roast chicken or meat. It also makes a hearty vegetarian main course, with goats-milk yoghurt and chopped vegetable salad on the side. It is a traditional and beloved ingredient in Galilee Arab cuisine, and can be

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