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desserts & sweets

Breakfast-in-Bed Apple Cake

Recipe by Judith Rontal

Breakfast-in-Bed Apple Cake

This apple cake actually tastes better the next day, so no need to wake up early to have it ready for brunch. My favorite part about this recipe is how adaptable it is. Want to make it healthier? Swap in some whole wheat flour or use some applesauce instead of oil. You can even reduce

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Tahini and Almond Cookies

Recipe by Natalie Levin

Tahini and Almond Cookies

Tahini is one of my favorite spreads, and I use it on a daily basis. It’s made entirely of sesame seeds and has a rich, nutty flavor with luscious texture. These are the most addictive cookies ever. They’re so easy to make and are such a great treat with your coffee.

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Libyan Saefra, King Solomon’s Cake

Recipe by Joan Nathan

Libyan <em>Saefra</em>, King Solomon’s Cake

Many families in Libya used to squeeze oranges and bottle the juice to be used all year round. According to Claudia Roden, in her magnificent Book of Jewish Food, using oranges in cakes was a particularly Jewish practice. These cakes, usually prepared with the tart Seville oranges that had to be boiled for hours to

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Chocolate Haroset

Recipe by Ilana Schatz

Chocolate <em>Haroset</em>

Recipe contributed by Philip Gelb, vegan chef and caterer. Using mortar and bricks, the Jewish slaves built the pyramids. The haroset reminds us of the mortar, a symbol of unrewarded toil. We remember how our ancestors’ work enriched the Egyptians’ lives and challenge ourselves to think about the ways that we currently benefit from exploited

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Pass-Me-More Passover Granola

Recipe by Sherry Schweitzer

Pass-Me-More Passover Granola

Reflecting on the kind of nibbles we ate on a regular basis and hoping for a post-Passover kitchen without another leftover box of matzah, I discovered that I could make a really good granola snack from crumbled matzah or farfel (truthfully, pieces of matzah resembling dog kibble). At first, I made a few “only fair” attempts,

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Abambar (Libyan Almond Cookies)

Recipe by Carine Goren

<em>Abambar</em> (Libyan Almond Cookies)

Abambar are Tripolitanian almond cookies I found in the Netanya market, where they are sold year-round, but especially for Passover. The abambar resemble macaroons, but are less delicate in look and texture. They are cracked and tanned, taste like marzipan and have the unique aroma of bitter almonds. After much trial and error, I came

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Shaya Haroset

Recipe by Alon Shaya

Shaya <em>Haroset</em>

My mom would make the best Sephardic-style haroset. This is based off of hers with an Italian twist. I love what the flavor of the moscato wine and hazelnuts add to the dates and figs. I also like to make this year round and eat it with everything. (Tip: After Passover, try it with grilled

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Curaçao–Style Haroset (Garosa)

Recipe by Wendy Nevett Bazil

Curaçao–Style <em>Haroset</em> (<em>Garosa</em>)

Recipe contributed by Melanie Moreno, adapted from Recipes from the Jewish Kitchens of Curaçao, Recipes Compiled by the Sisterhood of Mikvé Israel – Emanuel. This recipe is unique to the island of Curaçao, where Jews have resided since the 17th century. Melanie and René Moreno, and their now-grown children, Ilana and Alex, make this version

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