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Food & Justice

Doing What You Can
to Make a Difference

Doing What You Can to Make a Difference

For well over a decade, Eileen Suffian has been the volunteer leading Hunger Action at the EDCJCC coordinating volunteers who produce and donate about 4,000 servings of food a year.

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Holidays & Occasions

The Torah Gives Us
Drama and a Recipe

The Torah Gives Us Drama and a Recipe

Just before Passover, we read the dramatic Torah passage that tells of the exodus from Egypt and gives the Israelites a recipe to prepare them for the journey. Spoiler alert: it involves lamb.

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Recipe of the Week

Sue Sanders found this recipe while working with a lady who is

Flavors of <em>Haroset</em> Spice Up Seders Holidays & Occasions

Flavors of Haroset Spice Up Seders

From the classic Ashkenazic haroset most of us know (and love) to a pyramid of Persian variety, a history of Jewish wanderings and families is told in the many flavors and varieties of haroset.

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Remembering with Fried Matzah Holidays & Occasions

Remembering with Fried Matzah

Fried matzah, which Leah’s mother used to prepare during the Passovers of her childhood, was never Leah’s favorite Yemenite food, but with her mother now gone, it feels just right for Passover.

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Mixing and Matching Traditions for Passover Holidays & Occasions

Mixing and Matching Traditions for Passover

Passover is a great time to incorporate new customs and traditions that make sense for your family—maybe different dishes, readings from various haggadot and texts or even a Passover story skit.

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Ashkenazic Meets Sephardic This Passover Holidays & Occasions

Ashkenazic Meets Sephardic This Passover

Paula has no intention of abandoning Ashkenazic Passover staples, like chopped liver and matzah ball soup, but Matzah Baklava Crisps bring Sephardic flavors and reflections on Jewish history to the holiday.

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A Passover Recipe Roundup Holidays & Occasions

A Passover Recipe Roundup

Say goodbye to the days of Passover suffering! This year, we bring you a recipe roundup with the most creative twists on Passover essentials: three kinds of haroset, matzah balls, breakfast and dessert.

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Dipping into Another Passover Challenge Holidays & Occasions

Dipping into Another Passover Challenge

Coming from an Italian background, Jewish convert and cookbook author Marcia Friedman finds Passover inspires ever-greater creativity. This year she takes on a recipe for a healthy avocado and spinach dip with a little spice.

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“Chai Sameach” to You Holidays & Occasions

“Chai Sameach” to You

Indian holiday meals filled with ginger, cardamom and cloves (and a chai-loving mother) inspired Shulie to make a Passover masala chai ice cream—it has sweet, spice and everything nice.

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