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Holidays & Occasions

Local Foodies’ Top 10
Passover Recipes


Move over, matzah brei. We asked some local foodies to share recipes that will keep the eight days of Passover meals internationally flavored, seasonally appropriate, exciting and, of course, delicious.

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Global Inspired

Parties and Pancakes
End Passover


Passover’s over? Quick—go buy flour! As the holiday wraps up, Moroccan Jews host Mimouna parties with lavish tables of sweets and stacks of mufletas, thin pancakes made of the first post-holiday ingredients.

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Recipe of the Week

Granola Bars

Submitted by Paula Shoyer

These granola bars may have been designed for Passover, but they are simply a delicious, gluten-free cookie to enjoy all year round. Ground almonds are a great substitute for white flour and adds protein at the same time.

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MatzoBallPozole_flip Around Town

Passover if You Can’t Make it to Bubbe’s

Several DC-area restaurants are pulling out all the stops for Passover with special themed menus—and with so many matzah ball choices: local, vegan with flaxseed and even Mexican-inspired!

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quinoa-salad Holidays & Occasions

Quinoa, Bridging the Divide

Sephardic Jews eat rice during Passover; their Ashkenazi counterparts do not, Leah learned the hard way at a Seder as a new immigrant. But quinoa, recently certified K-for-P, can be enjoyed by all.

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chaiicecream Holidays & Occasions

“Chai Sameach” to You

Indian holiday meals filled with ginger, cardamom and cloves (and a chai-loving mother) inspired Shulie to make a Passover masala chai ice cream—it has sweet, spice and everything nice.

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quajado Holidays & Occasions

Serving a Dish of Sephardic History

During the Spanish Inquisition, to be caught cooking this dish could mean imprisonment or even death. Today it’s an easy-to-prepare, versatile vegetable dish, good for any meal or snack, especially during Passover.

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grape-juice Holidays & Occasions

The Fifth Cup at the Seder

A Yemenite family friend in Israel teaches Shaina how to make homemade grape juice to refresh during the Seder, especially after four cups of wine. Start soaking your raisins now—they need three days!

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Pan-de-Queijo2 Global Inspired

A Taste of Brazil Flavors Passover

The first Brazilian woman to be ordained a rabbi now brings a touch of Spanish as well as the flavors of Brazil’s Jewish community to a synagogue in Northern Virginia.

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lemon chicken Holidays & Occasions

Creating New Passover Traditions

When the time came for me to host my own Passover Seders, I began to wonder: could I marry the important lessons from my family’s past with the important lessons of our people’s past?

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passover-quiche Holidays & Occasions

Tasty Obsessions Run in the Family

Shaina will be home for three weeks for Passover. Esther eagerly awaits her visit, the tahini and date syrup that she’s bringing from Israel and the time they’ll spend together in the kitchen.

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