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Everyday Eats

Bake Your Own
Burger Buns


The days of squishy, deflated burger buns are over! Leah has a recipe for homemade burger buns that are sturdy and slightly sweet and sure to elevate any summer grilling.

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Global Inspired

Vilna’s Vegetarian


Discovered in VIYO’s rare books collection in 2009, a revolutionary vegetarian Jewish cookbook first written and published in Yiddish in Vilna in 1938 by restaurateur Fania Lewando was recently translated into English and released.

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Recipe of the Week

Farike (sometimes spelled freekeh or farika) has a rich, smoky flavor and is

mess-hall-grafitti Around Town

From Dreams to Reality at Mess Hall

Al Goldberg was ready to open his own catering company, but a dearth of kitchen space in DC inspired a “pivot,” and he opened Mess Hall, a food incubator and community, instead.

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pilafs_1280px Global Inspired

The Bountiful Balkan Jewish Kitchen

Full of vegetables cooked simply, as well as cheeses and pastries, the food of the Jews of Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and the other Balkan nations has flourished in Israel and even become mainstream.

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LDave-vineyard-sebastopol Everyday Eats

A Glass of Wine and a Good Book

A new novel by Laura Dave, Eight Hundred Grapes, explores marriage and family relationships through the angles of wine in California’s wine country and food, including a lasagna with a surprising secret ingredient.

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Okra-and-Tomatoes-1280px Everyday Eats

Flavorful, Frugal and Feeds the Soul

Linda’s father grew up with in the kitchen of two talented food-loving women, his mother and the family cook, Bettie. He, and Linda, learned that Jewish and African-American cuisines are both filled with flavor, frugality and love.

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javazen-products2 Around Town

Wake Up and Smell the Superfood

Javazen is the brainchild of three young Jewish UMD grads who were seeking to create a better cup of coffee thanks to superfoods like goji berries and upgrade the coffee-drinking experience as a whole.

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