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Holidays & Occasions

Mixing Up Hanukkah


Creative latke variations are all the rage, so Stephanie decided to try her hand at her own version: the latke shakshuka. When potato pancakes meet these tomato sauce-poached eggs, magic happens.

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Holidays & Occasions

Twelve Flicks for Knishmas


Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and…Knisher. There’s no reason your Christmas day menu should be limited to Chinese food. Warm, lumpy and cozy, a knish even has movies to go along with it.

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Recipe of the Week

Homemade doughnuts are really special—you just cannot compare them to store-bought ones!

JFE-WFM_Hanukkah-banner3 Around Town

A Festival of Hanukkah Tastings

The Jewish Food Experience and Whole Foods Market’s Mid-Atlantic Region are pleased to present a series of Hanukkah tastings at stores throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

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silver-hanukkah-small2 Holidays & Occasions

Nine Tips for the Best Hanukkah Fest Yet

Don’t let the trauma of Hanukkah parties of years past dissuade you—it’s possible to enjoy all the best of the holiday in a way that’s free of stress and of post-frying odors.

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fried-green-tomatoes-horizontal Holidays & Occasions

Hanukkah Goes for a Southern Spin

Esther is getting ready for the Hanukkah traditions her family has adopted over the years and getting excited about the smell of fried food permeating the house (yes, she actually likes it!).

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lemon-semolina-cakes2 Holidays & Occasions

The Holiday of Miracles

Back in 2000, Paula spent the eight days of Hanukkah on hospital bed rest awaiting the arrival of her own Maccabees, her twin boys. Here’s a healthier Hanukkah and birthday dessert for them.

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girls-volunteering2 Food & Justice

Volunteer Food for Thought

Volunteer opportunities (food-related and otherwise) abound around Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. Jane offers some tips for making the most out of volunteering during the holidays and year round.

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soupergirl-owners_small Around Town

DC’s Mother-Daughter Souperhero Team

BREAKING NEWS: DC superhero duo Soupergirl Sara and Soupermom Marilyn have opened a pop-up at the DCJCC’s café, running through the end of December 2014 and serving up their warmest and tastiest offerings.

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