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Food & Justice

What Goes Around
Comes Around


“Your meal was a gift from someone who came before you. To keep the chain of gifts alive, we invite you to pay it forward for those dine after you.”

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Everyday Eats

Old Shoes, Endives
and Artichokes


A produce-vending grandfather, a fancy-produce-eating father and an organic farmer daughter. It all comes full circle for Tanya as she remembers the produce-business roots her grandfather (perhaps unintentionally) planted in her.

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Recipe of the Week

Tahini is a wonderful substitute for oils or butter in many recipes

khafush Global Inspired

Make Time to Make and Break Bread

World Bread Day (October 16) is a good occasion for Leah to revisit the baking traditions of her Yemenite heritage. For the rest of us, it can be the start of a new practice.

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east-west-pita Around Town

DC Says Hello to Hummus

Hummus with edamame and ginger? Or maybe a seasonal version with pumpkin seeds? Those are just some of the options at the Sabra Hummus House pop-up, open through October 26 in Georgetown.

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Bonnie-Benwick-2(crop) Everyday Eats

Bonnie Benwick: Brains, Brisket and a Good Story

For the second piece in this series, JFE talks to local food expert and Deputy Food Editor/Recipe Editor of The Washington Post, Bonnie Benwick, who was once an adventurous calf’s brains-eating 10 year old.

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miso-bowl Holidays & Occasions

Plant New Seeds, Harvest the Benefits

Although most of us do not harvest in the traditional sense, in our lives we constantly plant seeds in order to reap benefits. This Sukkot, celebrate by stopping and reflecting on your personal harvest.

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chocolate-bars Holidays & Occasions

Settling in with Something Sweet

It’s a new year, and Shaina has started a new program in a new city. Thankfully Esther has some tips on settling into a new place and routine (hint: tweaking and more tweaking).

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