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Everyday Eats

Fire Up the Grill,
It's BBQ Season

Fire Up the Grill, It’s BBQ Season

Lag b’Omer, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July…grilling season is almost upon us! Instead of store-bought hot dogs and hamburgers, get creative with your kabobs—ground meat, new spices, pineapple and more.

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Holidays & Occasions

Creating Dairy-Free

Creating Dairy-Free Memories

Despite vague memories of learning about Shavuot, Lori definitely remembers eating cheesecake and blintzes on the holiday. But now, with dairy intolerances and vegan diets in her family, how can they celebrate?

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Recipe of the Week

When I had my first bite of the blueberry cheesecake at Kapulsky

Nutella Cheesecake for Italian Shavuot Holidays & Occasions

Nutella Cheesecake for Italian Shavuot

Combining traditions and flavors couldn’t be creamier or dreamier as Jewish-Italian cookbook author Marcia Friedman creates a new no-bake Nutella mousse cheesecake recipe for Shavuot, which celebrates Judaism’s first convert, Ruth.

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Shavuot Study Snacks: 10 Cheesecakes Holidays & Occasions

Shavuot Study Snacks: 10 Cheesecakes

Staying up all night to study on Shavuot? Even if you’re not, here are ten cheesecakes—mini, full-size, light, decadent, striped, all different flavors—to make this Shavuot a memorable one.

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What Makes Cheesecake Jewish? Holidays & Occasions

What Makes Cheesecake Jewish?

Jews didn’t actually invent cheesecake, but you wouldn’t know it unless you were a scholar of Ancient Greece, where it debuted. In America, cheesecake is as Jewish and ubiquitous as bagels.

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Digging Deeper for Meaning Holidays & Occasions

Digging Deeper for Meaning

On Lag b’Omer it’s customary to make a big bonfire and grill meat and potatoes. Although they won’t be ready for Lag b’Omer, Tanya and her family recently planted spuds on their farm.

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On the Move for Let’s Move! Around Town

On the Move for Let’s Move!

Elyse Cohen, a new member of JFE®’s Advisory Council, served as the first-ever deputy director of Let’s Move!, “the First Lady’s initiative to help raise a healthier generation of kids.”

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