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Everyday Eats

The Time-Traveling


Tanya’s sister passed along their grandmother’s 1971 Miami neighborhood cookbook. Despite recipes for Lobster Cantonese and Cheese and Bacon Roll Ups, it is full of gems that offer a look into a different time.

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Holidays & Occasions

Remembering with
Fried Matzah


Fried matzah, which Leah’s mother used to prepare during the Passovers of her childhood, was never Leah’s favorite Yemenite food, but with her mother now gone, it feels just right for Passover.

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Recipe of the Week

A typical Moroccan haroset recipe contains dates, raisins, local spices and various

JFE-WFM-Passover-banner_1287 Around Town

The Passover 2015 Signature Demo Series

The Jewish Food Experience and Whole Foods Market are thrilled to announce a first-ever Signature Demo Series collaboration featuring dishes from JFE’s curated list of Top Ten Passover recipes.

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marion-sweet-sour-meatballs Holidays & Occasions

Mixing and Matching Traditions for Passover

Passover is a great time to incorporate new customs and traditions that make sense for your family—maybe different dishes, readings from various haggadot and texts or even a Passover story skit.

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matzah-paurian-small Holidays & Occasions

Understanding the Bread of Affliction

The haggadah instructs us to lift up a broken piece of cardboard-like matzah and say, “If you’re hungry, this is what I’ll feed you, but only half of it, and the smaller half at that!”

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Schuster-Pesach-white-pizza2 Holidays & Occasions

Passover Satisfaction, Not Suffering

For Esther and her family, Passover isn’t a holiday of culinary suffering, but rather a once-a-year opportunity to enjoy special dishes, like this cheesy mushroom and caramelized onion pizza. Yum!

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rosenstein-greens Holidays & Occasions

Karpas Season is in Bloom

Most of us are used to putting parsley on the Seder plate as karpas, but in reality it can be any vegetable over which we can say the “fruit of the earth” blessing. How about trying different greens?

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20130317JUFJLaborSeder2 Food & Justice

Let My People—and All People—Go

Passover tells a story of freedom from slavery, but Jews aren’t the only people to experience oppression. Several Seders in the DC area address oppression of other groups based on many different factors and seek liberation for all.

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AvocadoSpinachDip Holidays & Occasions

Dipping into Another Passover Challenge

Coming from an Italian background, Jewish convert and cookbook author Marcia Friedman finds Passover inspires ever-greater creativity. This year she takes on a recipe for a healthy avocado and spinach dip with a little spice.

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