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Holidays & Occasions

Counting Blessings and
Sukkot’s Comfort Foods


Working quickly to build their sukkah after Yom Kippur, Rabbi Shankman and her family relish in the cooler weather, the new and different harvest available at the orchard and the time spent together.

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Everyday Eats

Bonnie Benwick: Brains, Brisket and a Good Story


For the second piece in this series, JFE talks to local food expert and Deputy Food Editor/Recipe Editor of The Washington Post, Bonnie Benwick, who was once an adventurous calf’s brains-eating 10 year old.

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Recipe of the Week

Recipe contributed by Miriam Feinberg. Stuffed cabbage has always been a treat

miso-bowl Holidays & Occasions

Plant New Seeds, Harvest the Benefits

Although most of us do not harvest in the traditional sense, in our lives we constantly plant seeds in order to reap benefits. This Sukkot, celebrate by stopping and reflecting on your personal harvest.

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chocolate-bars Holidays & Occasions

Settling in with Something Sweet

It’s a new year, and Shaina has started a new program in a new city. Thankfully Esther has some tips on settling into a new place and routine (hint: tweaking and more tweaking).

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Jewish-Holidays3 Around Town

A Feast for the Eyes (and the Palate)

Do you hunker down with a few cookbooks to plan your holiday menus? JHSGW has a collection of community cookbooks from the 1950s to 1990s that give us a taste of what earlier Washingtonians have made.

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MoroccanSpicyFishDSC_1809-2 Global Inspired

Behind the Scenes, Ahead of the Curve

Almost 70 years old and with nearly 50 years of Hilton experience, kind, calm Avigdor Brueh, executive chef of the Hilton Tel Aviv, is the man running one of Tel Aviv’s, and Israel’s, finest food operations.

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bee3 Holidays & Occasions

Let’s Talk About the Honey and the Bees

Honeybees and other pollinators that give us honey, apples and so many other fruits and vegetables are in danger. We can start off this new year with a plan to help them.

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