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Everyday Eats

Healing and Health
Start at Home


Diagnosed with breast cancer as a young mother, Sara cooked her way back to health, but when she took a look at what her children were eating, she found something else.

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Everyday Eats

A Journey through My
Grandma’s Cookbook


Sifting through her grandmother’s belongings after her funeral last summer, Hillary discovered a treasure in the form of Nonnie’s hand-typed cookbook and decided to cook and blog her way through it.

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Recipe of the Week

This is a dish Jeff started to make years ago in France

nathanm_omelet Food & Justice

An Omelet isn’t Always Just an Omelet

Cooking presents young adults with autism spectrum disorders with many challenges. Still, those with good communication skills and enough self-regulation to be safe in a kitchen environment can discover its benefits and joys.

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Nadel_lasagna Everyday Eats

Substitution: Strategy for Healthy Eating

How do you feed your family healthy meals without getting rid of favorites? For Natasha, it’s all about substituting more nutritious ingredients, while keeping familiarity, taste and texture in mind.

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PopsbyHaley Around Town

Pushing the Limits on Dessert

Just six months after graduating from the University of Maryland in 2014, Haley Raphael launched Pops by Haley, offering layers of cake, frosting and sprinkles in a convenient, recyclable plastic push-up tube.

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Benowitz_paleomeatballs2 Everyday Eats

If Bubbe Were a Cavewoman…

For many looking for ways to eat healthier, the paleo diet—whole foods, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables—has become popular. Two local Jewish women are even giving Jewish cuisine a paleo touch.

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Sapayo_eggplant Global Inspired

The Tasty Journey of “Jewban” Cuisine

Inspired by a friend who recently discovered Jewish roots in her Cuban family, Jodi set out to learn more about Cuban-Jewish cooking and ended up at Samy Sapayo’s table in Miami.

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