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Holidays & Occasions

Turkey Day—Hold
the Turkey


The turkey is the big Thanksgiving centerpiece, but for most people it’s not even the highlight of the meal. Save turkeys and tradition at the same time with these five vegan turkey substitutes.

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Everyday Eats

Sometimes It’s Cool
to Eat Greens


It can be hard to convince young children that greens are delicious. Sometimes all it takes is a different environment and some peers. This Thanksgiving, test out some healthy dishes at the children’s table.

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Recipe of the Week

I couldn’t resist calling a few friends to find out how they

squash-corn-soup-small Everyday Eats

Eat, Drink and Be Thankful

Home after a month-long trip, Esther is trying to settle back into routines, cleaning and chores and starting to get the house ready for Thanksgiving. First on the list: freezable soups.

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Bullfrog-sandwich Around Town

A Match Made on H Street

It started out as a pop-up, but New York-style Bullfrog Bagels now has a permanent home at Star and Shamrock Tavern and Deli. New York-style bagel, meet house-cured meats and fish.

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HH-and-family3 Food & Justice

Harvesting Solutions to Food Waste

Founded by three University of Maryland students, Hungry Harvest sells and delivers gleaned produce and seconds to customers, preventing surplus produce from ending up in landfills while providing people with affordable fruits and veggies.

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dgs-stuffed-cabbage Around Town

DC’s Chosen Chefs

DC has come a long way from a place where you couldn’t get a decent meal to an “it” city. Emily chats with four local, Jewish chefs about what makes this city cool (and delicious).

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bok-choy Everyday Eats

Old Shoes, Endives and Artichokes

A produce-vending grandfather, a fancy-produce-eating father and an organic farmer daughter. It all comes full circle for Tanya as she remembers the produce-business roots her grandfather (perhaps unintentionally) planted in her.

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