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Food & Justice

Feed the Body,
Feed the Brain


Part of the AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps network, local nonprofit Brainfood uses food to teach life skills and promote healthy living through a variety of classes for DC high school students.

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Around Town

Top DC Restaurants
Go Kosher for a Night


The Yeshiva of Greater Washington–Tiferes Gedaliah, Moti’s Grill and five area restaurants, are giving local diners the opportunity to taste signature DC dishes in a completely certified-kosher setting for the first time.

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Recipe of the Week

This is inspired by my fantasies of springtime. It’s a dish that

Ziggy-Gruber Around Town

Preserving History, Pastrami and Pickles

In 1931, New York was home to more than 1,500 kosher delis and at least as many non-kosher ones. Today it has just 20 total. “Deli Man” follows Ziggy Gruber, a self-proclaimed “deli maven” in Houston.

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cafe-sunflower-serving-hamantashen Around Town

Out in Front: Café Sunflower

Sunflower Bakery in Gaithersburg trains people with developmental or other cognitive disabilities. Café Sunflower, in The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington building, will give employees experience waiting tables, making coffee and figuring the bill.

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miami-community-cookbook Everyday Eats

The Time-Traveling Cookbook

Tanya’s sister passed along their grandmother’s 1971 Miami neighborhood cookbook. Despite recipes for Lobster Cantonese and Cheese and Bacon Roll Ups, it is full of gems that offer a look into a different time.

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MantaRay-leek-omelette2 Global Inspired

An Eggcellent Israeli Eggstravaganza

Scrambled or hardboiled, in shakshuka or an omelette, for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, the humble egg is one of the most versatile ingredients. It’s no surprise that it’s called the incredible, edible egg.

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pickles-in-salt Around Town

Pickles, Preserves and a Full Pantry. Oh My!

Have you ever canned or preserved your own food? Learn about Cathy Barrow’s, also known as Mrs. Wheelbarrow, journey to tackling and sharing sustainable food sourcing and making it last all year long.

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