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Holidays & Occasions



Purim isn’t officially an agricultural holiday, but for Tanya and her family, it usually marks the beginning of the planting season. With the shmita (sabbatical) this year, everything just feels a little upside-down.

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Around Town

A Lot More than
Just Pastries


Don’t be fooled by the name: it started out as a pareve bakery, but The Kosher Pastry Oven in Silver Spring has expanded into a full-service kosher restaurant. The pastries are still divine, though!

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Recipe of the Week

Pomegranates are the beet of the fruit world. Go digging for the

paper-hamantashen-small Holidays & Occasions

Three Corners, From All Corners

This Purim, Laura Silver turns to DC-area eateries for hamantashen inspiration beyond the traditional poppy seed, apricot and prune fillings. Spelt triangle filled with scrambled eggs or tofu, anyone?

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persian-rice-dish Holidays & Occasions

Turning to Persia for Purim Flavors

Time is flying: Shaina is back from her inspiring journalism-focused trip to Israel, and Esther is reminiscing about her own generation’s idealism and getting ready for Purim—this time with a Persian-inspired dish.

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hamentashen slider Holidays & Occasions

Freedom from Haman and from Gluten

Forced to go gluten-free, Merav mourned and then finally decided to take hamantashen into her own hands…and kitchen, coming up with tasty versions that satisfy even the pickiest of Purim partiers.

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katzir-stuffed-artichoke2 Around Town

“Food Never Has a Bad Hair Day”

Though he didn’t plan on it, Israeli-born Moshe Zusman ended up being one of the DC area’s most renowned photographers. Join him and JFE on March 29 for a special culinary and headshot session.

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suppers2015-plating2 Food & Justice

Solomonov and Sobel Talk Sips & Suppers

This marked the sixth year of Alice Waters, Joan Nathan and José Andres’ brainchild, Sips & Suppers, a weekend celebrating supreme cuisine to raise money to fight hunger and homelessness.

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twitty-compote Everyday Eats

Kreplach with Collard Greens

Black, Jewish and gay, Michael Twitty explores African, Afro-American and Jewish culinary roots and histories. When they intersect, the results are fascinating stories and delicious dishes, like roasted chicken with berbere or sweet potato rugelach.

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