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Around Town

From Farm Stand to


Fresh foods are abundant in both Eris and John Norman’s DNA. She grew up with Israeli-salad-filled summers; he and his brother ran a humble farm stand. Together, they have created a thriving farm stand business.

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Around Town

A New-Old Baked
Goods Business


Over twenty years ago, Harvey Bernstein and daughter Corey had a rugelach-baking gig called Daughter & Dad. It then went on hiatus, but recently came back as Me & 3.

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Recipe of the Week

Growing up, fall was announced in two ways. The first, of course

equinox-rosh-hashanah-dessert Around Town

No Recipes, Just Reservations

No space to host or time to cook for the holidays? All around DC, restaurants are offering special holiday meals featuring traditional dishes, no dishwashing required. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

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Shoyer_Strudel3 Global Inspired

A Quest to Save Strudel

Once upon a time women gathered to roll strudel dough for special occasions, and the pastry could be found in bakeries far and wide. Paula is on a quest to bring it back.

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Shealy-beetsalad Holidays & Occasions

Like Salad for Elephants

A lot of Americans return from trips to Israel feeling inspired by community, oneness and connection to the land. Shaina, on the other hand, comes back inspired by all the salads.

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yourman-bees Holidays & Occasions

May it “Bee” a Sweet New Year

A few years ago, noticing a lack of bees and a failed zucchini crop, Rinny’s husband took up amateur beekeeping. Now he and his family harvest their own honey for family and friends.

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round challahs Holidays & Occasions

The Challah Goes Round and Round

Rosh Hashanah resolution: make challah from scratch. The Kosher Baker shows how easy it can be to add home-made braids, twists, spirals and knots to your table.

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honey-cake-1 Holidays & Occasions

You Can’t Always Go Home (for Holidays)

The space is tight, and some of the food is store-bought, but Merav and her friends have Rosh Hashanah potluck dinners that usher in the new year with a special DC young professional flavor.

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RH squash pomegranate salad Holidays & Occasions

Sephardic Seder Welcomes New Year

The traditional Yemenite Rosh Hashanah meal features special foods and blessings calling for both success and decimation of enemies. Leah’s modern version offers the symbolic dishes with a modern spin on the blessings.

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