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Around Town

Harvesting at Home,
Feeding the Spirit


Baltimore farm enthusiast (and JFE writer) Josh Rosenstein recently launched Edible Eden Baltimore Foodscapes, LLC, which designs, installs and maintains food gardens and edible landscapes and provides tons more information on using up your harvest.

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Everyday Eats

Pick a Peck, and
Get Pickling!


Cucumbers are at their freshest and crunchiest right now—in other words, it’s the perfect time to pick up a bunch and get to work on sour, crunchy homemade dill pickles.

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Recipe of the Week

With strawberries and white chocolate you’re already two-thirds of the way to

landsman-shrubs2 Everyday Eats

Sharp Shrubs for Superior Soda

What’s a shrub? (Hint: Not a plant.) In the second of her three-part series, Emily creates three bright vinegar-based drinks that let summer’s best and freshest fruits shine.

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raw-fennel Everyday Eats

Fennel: Your New Farmers Market Find

What’s that funky green vegetable with the super-tall tops, and what can you do with it? Tanya gives us the full lowdown on this versatile vegetable and farmers market find.

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kale-coconut-smoothie Everyday Eats

Balancing the Comforts of Home

Home before flying off to Israel for the summer, Shaina enjoyed plenty of her mom’s blintzes, cookies and cakes, while a trip to the farm with her dad resulted in baby kale for balancing green smoothies.

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congressional-women-softball Everyday Eats

The Clean Cooking Congresswoman

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has added one more thing to her (already jam-packed) agenda: clean and healthy eating. Jodi chatted with the congresswoman about changes she’s made and how she keeps her family healthy.

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Pinea_Whole-Branzino Around Town

Coming Full Circle on DMV Culinary Journey

Raised Jewish in Virginia, Barry Koslow made his way back to the DC area when food began to speak to him. After working at Equinox, Citronelle and DGS Delicatessen he’s now heading the new Pinea.

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Landsman-syrups Everyday Eats

Snazzy Syrups for Superior Soda

In the first part of her three-part soda series, Emily offers recipes for three fresh and unique homemade syrups to refresh you and jazz up your summer beverage menu.

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