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Global Inspired

Millennia of Love
for Hummus


In the 1970s, before hummus could be found in every supermarket, Susan’s family fell in love with the “new”—but actually ancient!—Mediterranean dip when her brother brought the recipe back from Israel.

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Around Town

A Golden Lamb
in Philadelphia


Just two hours north of DC, James Beard award-winning chef Michael Solomonov is winning over palates with his modern Israeli cuisine. Fried cauliflower and lamb with pomegranate and chickpeas, anyone?

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Recipe of the Week

Watermelon Granita with Sweet Lemon Cream

Submitted by Leah Hadad

I developed my twist on the traditional pairing of watermelon and labane (yogurt cheese), an ubiquitous dish in Israel borrowed from the Palestinian kitchen. By itself, the watermelon granita is a wonderful, pareve palate cleanser in a multi-course meal. Served with the sweet

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sorrel-pesto2 Everyday Eats

Chop, Mix, Stir, Knead…and Relax

In the midst of exams, Shaina finds relaxation in the kitchen, where she can solve problems, come up with new creations and find peace of mind while her hands are at work—with tasty results, too.

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singers Around Town

Meet DC’s Meat Man

Doug Singer started off with a profound love for meat. After culinary school and cooking in Italy, he ended up in DC, where he returned to his roots with the hand-cured Singer’s Significant Meats.

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granola-jar Everyday Eats

When Traveling with Kids, Pack Snacks

Stephanie can’t wait for her family’s trip to Israel—except for the 10-hour flight. In anticipation, she prepared activities and snacks for the journey, including tasty gluten-free granola clusters.

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Bassin's-small Around Town

The Sidewalk Café That Started It All

Can you imagine summer in DC without outdoor restaurant seating? Prior to 1961, DC regulations didn’t allow it. Bassin’s owner Henry Zitelman battled city officials to allow him to be the sidewalk-café pioneer.

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HalvaIceCream-above Global Inspired

Warming Up to Halva Ice Cream

At first, Shulie was cool to the Israeli trend of putting tahini in ice cream, but remembering her love for sesame halva, it wasn’t long before she was making her own halva ice cream.

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