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Food & Justice

Teach Them to Fish:
Training Refugees

Teach Them to Fish

Founded by a Potomac-raised CESJDS graduate, Emma’s Torch is arming refugees with culinary training and English skills and preparing them for the culinary workforce. The organization recently opened a café in Brooklyn.

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Around Town

The Sweet Summer
Series is Back!

The Sweet Summer Series is Back!

On a number of nights between Memorial Day and Labor Day, families with young children will gather at local ice cream and fro-yo shops for summer evenings of treats, crafts, books and socializing.

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Recipe of the Week

Sesame paste sauces are common in Japanese cooking. While Middle Eastern tahini uses hulled

The Most Modern Traditional Country Global Inspired

The Most Modern Traditional Country

Traveling around Japan, Paula and her family visited shrines and pagodas, slept on tatami mats, ate breakfasts of raw fish and rice and enjoyed the country’s striking balance of modernity and tradition.

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Bringing Hong Kong a Sweet Touch Global Inspired

Bringing Hong Kong a Sweet Touch

Traveling to Asia brought Paula many new, exciting experiences. And she brought the flavors and fun of preparing kosher fruit galettes, coconut cakes and babka bites to Hong Kong’s diverse Jewish community

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Deli-cious Spots to Eat Around Town

Deli-cious Spots to Eat

Sherry headed to Montgomery County to check out some of the local Jewish delis. She found lox, bagels and sandwiches that pleased her discerning granddaughter-of-deli-owners palate.

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“You Can’t Spell Fatherhood without F-O-O-D” Everyday Eats

“You Can’t Spell Fatherhood without F-O-O-D”

Robert Rosenthal left a career in advertising to go to culinary school and work in the food industry. Now he hosts cooking segments and is the author of the book Short Order Dad.

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Slowing Down for Summer Everyday Eats

Slowing Down for Summer

The last few weeks of school feel like a race to the finish line—and with so many emotions! Tanya is looking forward to resting—and making popsicles—with her children.

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