We have a confession to make, but we’re a little scared.

Deep breath.

Okay, here goes: We think…potato latkes and jelly sufganiyot (doughnuts) are so last year (and the year before, and the one before that, if we’re being totally honest).

That’s why this year we’re doing something a little different. In the pancake realm, we’re swapping out potatoes for the leek kind, the cozily-filled-thin-crepe kind (blintzes) and even one version that’s actually made of cheese (mind-boggling!). The best part: no graters are involved, meaning no accidental trips to the emergency room. Your fingers will thank you.

For dessert we’re going for forgiving hand-cut or hand-formed shapes or even piping the dough directly into the oil. We’ll give you a second to let that sink in. Speaking of sinking in, this year, we’re all about syrups and jams that go on top of our sweet treats. That’s right—for once our Chanukah doesn’t involve syringes full of strawberry jam.

And for those of you who are really not in the mood to heat up a big pot of oil that you know you’ll smell in your wallpaper, hair and pets for a full week (at least), we have you covered, too, with lightly caramelized cauliflower and a cocktail that gets the EVOO shaken right into it. We’ll drink to that.

leekfritters_150 Leek Fritters with Garlic and Lemon
Deb Perelman
Blogger, Smitten Kitchen, and author, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
 gefilteria-blintzes_150 Sweet or Savory Blintzes
Liz Alpern and Jeffrey Yoskowitz
Co-owners, The Gefilteria, and co-authors, The Gefilte Manifesto
caramelized-cauliflower_150 Caramelized Cauliflower
Todd Gray and Ellen Kassoff Gray
Co-owners, Equinox Restaurant, and co-authors, The New Jewish Table
 frittelle_150 Chanukah Fritters (Frittelle di Chanukah) with Figs and Sambuca Honey
Marcia Friedman
Author, Meatballs and Matzah Balls
 zengoula_150 Zengoula with Lemon Syrup (Iraqi Funnel Cakes)
Amelia Saltsman
Author, The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen and The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook
syrniki_150 Syrniki (Cheese Pancakes)
Rinat Goldberg, Vadim Blumin, Yan Gitcelter and Kira Kletsky
Authors, The Russian-Jewish Cookbook
sfenj_150 Sfenj (Moroccan Beignets)
Vera Abitbol and Mike Benayoun
Bloggers, 196 flavors
flask-of-oil_150 Flask of Oil
Robbie Medwed
Cocktail expert and blogger, koshercocktail.com