Prune, poppy seed and apricot are die-hards, but sometimes the old standbys need to cede room to newcomers. Encouraged by the savory hamantashen revolution that has taken hold in Israel (goat cheese pastries in a sesame-seed crust, anyone?), we share this provisional menu of triangle-shaped pockets of dough that may not exist quite yet, but could, and in many instances really should.

The Appetizer
Fine cuts of tender brisket mix with succulent slices of horseradish and tomatillo coulis in this savory amuse-bouche inspired by a main course at Rose’s Luxury.

Bramble Spice
Spring is right around the corner in this bursting-with-blackberries mini hand-pie, inspired by a sumptuous fruit dessert, which happens to be the favorite of Sol Schoot, founder of Acme Pie Co. And like the 10-inch rounds, these 1½-inch triangles contain a hint of lime and just the right amount of clove.

This pungent hamantash keeps head colds—and enemies—at bay thanks to its fierce ingredients and anything-but-shy aroma. The handsome triangle is a buckwheat wrapper dappled with caraway seeds and filled with Number 1 Sons’ Stinkin’ (their title) Rye Kraut, which, by the way, includes juniper berries.

A nod to the “doissant,” the original chocolate croissant-inspired dessert, lightly fried and filled with a pomegranate crème. In loving tribute to the delectable ingenuity and derring-do of the now-shuttered Chocolate Crust.

The Melee
A flaky crusted pastry that holds apples and salted caramel in a whiskey reduction, designed to help diminish the difference between Mordechai and Haman, quickly. Inspired by Frenchie’s Artisan Pastries & Desserts.

Mucho Marinara
Savory veggie pizza, heavy on the artichokes, wrapped in a kid-sized snacking pie. This slice of heaven comes with mozzarella and is available in vegan and gluten-free options. Inspired by Fuel Pizza.

Plump Pumpkin
Mashed sweet potato blends with hints of sweet coconut in a generous delicacy that breaks down walls between flavors and cultures. The coriander-and-turmeric dough gets its kick from the Pumpkin Panang Thai Chili Sauce by Apinya.

Made of eggs—or curried tofu—wrapped in a spelt envelope, this breakfast hamantash can be eaten at any time. It harbors beans, sautéed mushrooms and just enough Tabasco to keep your eternal flame lit throughout the day. Inspired by morning specials at Busboys and Poets.

Tamarind Tickler
The fluffiest hamantash this side of Shushan riffs on Makin’ Whoopie’s raspberry delight, replacing the framboise-flavored cake with earthy tones of tamarind, which form the outer parts of a tart that all but conceals a risqué rosewater-champagne buttercream. Oh, today, we’ll merry, merry be.

Triple Threat
Relive the passion of Vashti with this chocolate inside/outside/every-side concoction. The dough is dominated by cacao and sugarcane, ditto the filling, made of chocolate from DC’s own Undone. Modeled after a hunk called Arouse, these hamantashen stand strong and spicy with notes of chili, cardamom and, yes, the warmth of cinnamon.