While Shavuot is often associated with dairy dishes, such as blintzes, this year try these Greek yogurt dolmas. Similar in shape to blintzes—they’re filled and rolled, too, after all—these dolmas, with a touch of yogurt and feta on top, still adhere to the Jewish cultural tradition revolving around dairy noshes for Shavuot, without being heavy in carbs and sugar. Plus, their shape reminds me of the Torah.

Dolmas (also called dolmades) are common in Mediterranean countries and are a favorite of Persian and Balkan Jews. You can find them on most mezze platters in Israel, and these days they’re even pretty popular and well known in the US, though primarily found at Greek restaurants.

When I make dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) with my mom for family gatherings, we always use lots of dill, which makes me think of my Bubbie. Dill was her favorite herb—I’d even venture to say that she had a strange obsession with it. That’s why I load these dolmas with dill, both in the filling and sprinkled on top! Just the smell of it reminds me of her and puts an instant smile on my face.

You can use any kind of fresh herbs—parsley, basil, cilantro or a combination of anything blossoming in your garden—which makes this recipe perfect for spring and summer. If you want to serve this with a meat meal or as part of a vegan spread, just leave out the yogurt and feta.

While it takes a couple of tries to get the hang of the rolling (don’t overstuff them!), it can be pretty cathartic and gets quick and easy to do. Best of all: the result is an impressive dish that your guests are sure to love.