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Batata Vada

Recipe by Merav Levkowitz

<em>Batata Vada</em>

Recipe contributed by Elazar Ashtivkar. He shares, “In the Indian kitchen, there are no recipes.” Since it’s all “a little bit of this, a little bit of that,” feel free to adjust the seasoning in the potato filling to taste.

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Recipe by Pamela Ehrenberg


Recipe courtesy of Tannishtha Sarkar. Sambar is a vegetable and lentil stew often served alongside dosas or on its own. It calls for several specialty ingredients and spices, which you can find in Indian markets or online.

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Recipe by Rahel Musleah


Indian cuisine, famous for crisp fried specialties like samosas, pakoras and piaju, are fine reminders of the miracle of the oil. We also enjoy fancy confections made from milk, sugar, flavorings and nuts.

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Recipe by Pamela Ehrenberg


Recipe courtesy of Tannishtha Sarkar. Some chefs advise that dosas be served immediately from the pan. Others maintain that they can remain in a warm oven until serving, enabling the chef to enjoy gathering with the rest of the family—but the delay will cause a change in texture.

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(One) Eight-Night Martini

Recipe by Alex Laufer

(One) Eight-Night Martini

When thinking about a cocktail to serve with a Chanukah meal, I gravitate to a martini to cut the richness of fried latkes. I gave this martini a savory twist by fat-washing our District Made Vodka (with olive oil, of course!) and by adding kosher pickle brine.

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Galician Pear Butter

Recipe by Emily Paster

Galician Pear Butter

Applesauce is one of the best-known and best-loved Jewish preserves because it is one of the two traditional toppings, the other being sour cream, for potato latkes. While there is nothing wrong with applesauce, this year, why not expand your culinary horizons and top your latkes with the delicate sweetness and creamy texture of Galician

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Kolokuthokeftedes (Zucchini Fritters)

Recipe by Joan Nathan

<em>Kolokuthokeftedes</em> (Zucchini Fritters)

Across from the ancient Agora in Athens is a line of outdoor restaurants with stunning views of the Parthenon. At one, called To Kouti, meaning “The Box,” are served the best zucchini fritters in Athens, even better than those I used to eat in Jerusalem, many years ago.

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