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Middle East

Winter Couscous

Recipe by Shaina Shealy

Winter Couscous

On Tu b’Shevat, Israelis celebrate their appreciation of nature by planting trees and preparing feasts that include the Seven Species—wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates—as if this is something that isn’t done every day in Israel! This recipe honors the seven species by using wheat, dates and pomegranates, while allowing us to honor

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Tarama (Salty Carp Roe Spread)

Recipe by Beyhan Çagri Trock

<i>Tarama</i> (Salty Carp Roe Spread)

Being immigrants from Turkey, it was common in my family to have fish or salty meats with toast and tea in the morning. Perhaps our caviar wasn’t the expensive Russian kind, but we often spread salty tarama, or “carp roe,” on our toast instead of jelly. In the 1970’s ready-made taramosalata became available in markets. It tastes okay.

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Crunchy Curry Cauliflower with Tahini and Pomegranate

Recipe by The Modern Menu

Crunchy Curry Cauliflower with Tahini and Pomegranate

This is one of the best ways—actually, my favorite way—to prepare cauliflower. It is adapted from a wonderful recipe from the Ottolenghi cookbook. The cauliflower can be made in advance, refrigerated overnight and reheated. The tahini dressing can be made up to a week in advance and refrigerated, though I like to bring it to

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