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Schav (Sour Grass)

Recipe by Jared Polis

<em>Schav</em> (Sour Grass)

Recipe from Rae Keller, Congressman Jared Polis’ late great-grandmother, reprinted from the 1974 The International Grandmothers’ Cookbook: Favorite Recipes of Grandmothers from Around the World by Eileen Weppner.

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Curried Lentils

Recipe by Judith Rontal

Curried Lentils

Winter is the season of soups, stews and never wanting to leave the comforts of your home. Warm up with these curried lentils that go from minimal pantry ingredients to

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Barley Muffins

Recipe by Stacey Viera

Barley Muffins

For an even-better-than-granola recipe that’s portable and includes six of the seven species (you could add pomegranate arils, too), try these muffins. Barley is a whole grain and an excellent

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