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No One Can Eat Just One

by Esther Schuster

No One Can Eat Just One

With a big yellow plastic bowl, food processor, electric frying pan and Bubbe’s recipe, Esther is prepared for the traditional Chanukah gluttony, preparing enough potato latkes to last all eight days…just like the miraculous oil.

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Spicy Vegan Latkes

Recipe by Shaina Shealy

Spicy Vegan Latkes

Born out of necessity – feeding vegan friends while living in India – these eggless latkes have a surprising ingredient and, also surprising, the taste and texture close enough to

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Jewish Food: A Mother-Daughter Conversation

by Shaina Shealy

Jewish Food:  A Mother-Daughter Conversation

Esther lives in Alabama, Shaina in DC. Mother and daughter, they share a passion for celebrating Jewish food and tradition, although sometimes in very different ways. Share their recipes and stories through ongoing letters from one to the other each week. Today’s it’s all about oil, onions and Hanukkah.

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