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Date-Fig Nut Loaf

Recipe by Esther Schuster

Date-Fig Nut Loaf

This bread makes a nutritious Tu b’Shevat or anytime breakfast with most of its sweetness coming from the abundance of chopped dried fruit. The hint of lemon provides a bit of tartness for balance and freshness, while pecans add a Southern touch. Eat it fresh out of the oven or toasted and served with butter,

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Quesitos (Cheese-Filled Puff Pastry)

Recipe by Leah Hadad

<i>Quesitos</i> (Cheese-Filled Puff Pastry)

A popular Puerto Rican treat, quesitos (kay-SEE-toes) is a delightful indulgence with a cup of tea or coffee for breakfast, brunch or any time of the day, really.  So easy to make, you can whip this in no time for unexpected company or to satisfy an urgent craving. The combination of crunchy, flaky puff pastry

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Homemade Power Bars

Recipe by Stephanie Sussan

Homemade Power Bars

Now who wouldn’t want a basket filled to the brim with all these ingredients? Use them in this satisfying power bar recipe or eliminate the cereal and almond butter, lightly toast the ingredients in a 350-degree oven and you’ve got a great gluten-free granola!

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