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Seven-Vegetable Couscous

Recipe by Nava Atlas

Seven-Vegetable Couscous

Seven is a lucky number in Jewish tradition, so a soup or stew featuring seven vegetables is a Rosh Hashanah favorite among Sephardic Jews. With Moroccan origins, this bountiful, colorful

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Recipe by Michael Solomonov


Construction at Zahav took place during the dead of winter 2008. Since there was no heat in the building, our contractor, Ofer Shlomo, brought in propane-fired space heaters to keep

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Shlissel Challah with Bsisa

Recipe by Leah Hadad

<em>Shlissel</em> Challah with <em>Bsisa</em>

Said to be superstitious, both the North African bsisa and the Ashkenazi shlissel challah traditions are practiced around Passover. Both represent prayers for abundance and good fortune. Hoping for a

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Recipe by Kitchen Stories


Recipe contributed by the late Tamar Katzura. This roasted pepper and tomato salad is just one of the vegetable dishes that accompanies a traditional Tunisian mealtime spread of couscous and

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Recipe by Shulie Madnick


Making mufleta involves a unique Moroccan grandmothers’ technique that has been practiced for centuries: the first pancake is fried on both sides, and subsequent pancakes are added on top of

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