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Doro Wot

Recipe by Leah Koenig

<em>Doro Wot</em>

Ethiopian Jews serve this fiery chicken stew for special meals. Heaps of onion, garlic and ginger meld together into a saucy base and get a big boost of flavor from

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Kerri’s Bobotie

Recipe by Kerri Sarembock

Kerri’s <em>Bobotie</em>

Bobotie is a South African meat casserole topped with an egg custard, usually made with milk. There are many bobotie recipes out there, but after trying various, I’ve settled on

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Peri-Peri Chicken

Recipe by Paula Shoyer

Peri-Peri Chicken

Peri-Peri chicken, also called Piri-Piri, which means “pepper-pepper,” is the iconic chicken dish of South Africa. Nando’s, the popular non-kosher chain in the US, features this chicken. People agree that

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Malva Pudding

Recipe by Jack's Wife Freda

Malva Pudding

This South African dessert of Cape Dutch origin is a dense cake soaked in a delicious caramel sauce. It can vary with the additions of ginger, apricot jam, and sometimes

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