Once the winter holiday season is over, the next occasion for overindulgence is often the Super Bowl. As a dietitian, I often hear of New Year’s resolutions being challenged (and broken) by this annual Sunday night football game. What is it about the Super Bowl that gives people permission to snack on piles of chips, nachos and other unhealthy foods?

The Super Bowl is an event that draws together crowds in homes across America. Many people watch the broadcast for the actual game, while others (myself included) are more interested in the commercials, the half-time show and the food. And if I’m going to sit down and spend hours in front of the television, I want to enjoy the food I’m consuming. While there is nothing wrong with a handful of chips, I want more sustenance and satisfaction from my snacks!

In the winter, I’m constantly roasting vegetables of all kinds, letting the edges get brown and crunchy, while the insides become soft. A platter of roasted root vegetables often accompanies my family’s meals or even forms the meal itself. But a platter of this kind isn’t too football-friendly. Lets face it: Finger food is fun food. On the other hand, eating something off of a skewer brings out a primal desire, much like the game of football. I’ve never been served raw veggies on a stick, but a roasted veggie kebab sounds great to me. Better yet: A kebab with a dip.

Putting all of my Super Bowl snack prerequisites together, here is this year’s healthy and delicious recipe. Like all great recipes for entertaining and feeding a crowd, these Roasted Rainbow Veggie Kebabs can be made in advance. They are suitable for nearly any dietary preference and easily adaptable. Consider the recipe as a template, and substitute your favorite vegetables if my choices differ from yours. The dip is super simple, with no fancy ingredients or tools required.

Regardless of whether your favorite football team wins or loses, I’m confident that this Super Bowl snack is a winner this year, and for many years to come.