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Baklava Babka

by Judith Rontal

A twist on the Jewish classic, this sweet bread combines the sweet yeasted dough of babka with the nutty, spiced flavors of baklava. You can use any variety of nuts,

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by Kitchen Stories

Recipe contributed by Liora Samuel. Teff, an ancient North African grain, is said to be the smallest grain in the world. It is naturally gluten-free and incredibly rich in calcium,

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by Leah Hadad

Many people break the fast with a piece of bread, be it a bagel, a ka’aka or boulou. North African Jews traditionally eat boulou during the Hebrew calendar month of

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Classic Challah

by Paula Shoyer

No matter how many variations of challah I invent, I always make sure I have this challah in my freezer. The recipe has evolved over the years, but the original

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