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White Wine Spray

White Wine Spray Related:   drinks, gluten-free, pareve

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: None

Yield: 4 cocktails

On long and lazy weekends in the afternoon (the best kind!) I look for something that is a little lighter on the alcohol to keep things in check. This recipe is really and truly foolproof: whatever fruit you have + whatever white wine you have (dry is fine!) + club soda = an effervescent summer cocktail that will have your friends trading in their bottomless mimosas.


  • 2 cups fresh fruit (my top picks are very ripe peaches, strawberries and blackberries)
  • 1 bottle chilled white wine (don’t overthink it—chardonnay, pinot grigio are all fine!)
  • 2 cups chilled club soda
  • Optional: Quick simple syrup made of 1 shot glass (1½ ounces) sugar mixed with 3 tablespoons hot water (or use sweetened/flavored seltzer instead of club soda if you want it sweeter)


  • Chop up fruit and add ½ cup fruit to each wine glass. The key is to get the juices flowing out, so increase that surface area! If sweetening, make syrup and divide equally between the glasses. Add 1/3 cup wine to each glass. Fill the rest of the glass with seltzer.

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