Purim is coming! This holiday retells the story of how the Jewish community was saved from the evil Haman back in ancient Persia. The saga is spread through, ahem, word of MOUTH, recited year after year from the Megillah, the Scroll of Esther. In partnership with our friends at Mouth, the Jewish Food Experience®, with a special shout-out to Avi West, Senior Education Officer and Master Teacher at The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, has come up with a tasty way to celebrate, in seven easy steps. This specially curated Purim Schpiel Taster is available here for $84.00 (plus shipping).

Step One: Recall how King Achashverosh summoned all the innocent maidens to a beauty contest to see who was qualified to become the new queen by stocking up on Baja Olive Oil, Extra VIRGIN (vegan).

Step Two: Make fun of that no-good Haman while chewing on some Salmon JERKY (kosher).

Step Three: The Jews of Shushan really got themselves into a PICKLE. A Spicy Garlic and Dill Pickle, that is (vegan).

Step Four: Thanks for getting us out of that JAM. Open up a jar of The Girl and the Fig Jam, which makes for a super tasty hamantashen filling (vegan)!

Step Five: NUTS for Persia’s famous pistachios? Try them in sweet, spreadable form with this jar of Roasted Pistachio Halva Spread (vegetarian).

Step Six: Get your CHEESY Purim costume ready while snacking on, well, Cheesy Kale Chips (vegan).

Step Seven: Wash down the hamantashen and all this March Madness with a gorgeous, herbal, restorative Peace of Mind Tea (vegan).

And, to really ramp up the holiday and get in the Purim SPIRIT, try a toast of Roundstone Rye whisky, from our good friends Scott and Becky Harris at Catoctin Creek Distillery in Purcellville, Virginia (kosher). (This a separate order—pricing and shipping details are available online).