Here’s a bold statement: Purim is the ultimate holiday for the indecisive.

Sure, Chanukah and Passover’s prolonged festivities mean you don’t have to decide on just one latke recipe or flourless cake, but, um, mishloach manot, anyone? Baskets full of treats that you gift to people you love—if that’s not a call for the indecisive baker to whip up all the recipes she’s been bookmarking for years, I don’t know what is.

Whether you make one blank-slate vanilla dough and line your counter with endless fillings, or go for several entirely different recipes, Purim is when you can have your ten batches of cookies…and eat them, too.

On that note, here are 10 hamantashen recipes from around the web that may find their way into our baskets (and bellies) this year:


  1. Marzipan Sprinkle Hamantashen from My Name is Yeh
  2. Fig Newton Hamantashen from Busy in Brooklyn
  3. Lemon Poppy Seed Hamantashen from Couldn’t be Parve
  4. Red Velvet Hamantashen from What Jew Wanna Eat
  5. Almond Joy Hamantashen from Sheri Silver


  1. Tangy Herbed Lamb and Pine Nut Borekataschen from Bon Appetit (plus 5 other savory recipes!)
  2. Shakshuka Hamantashen from What Jew Wanna Eat
  3. Sweet Potato and Parmesan Hamantashen from Leah Koenig via Tablet
  4. Spinach Hamantashen from Renana’s Kitchen
  5. Cheddar Biscuit Hamantashen from Kitchen Tested

Photo by sheri silver on Unsplash