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Earlier this week my 17-year-old twins made their own dinner. To my horror (and they know it!), it consisted of two boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese and nothing else.

Now, it’s not like the only food we eat at home is healthy, or low fat, or in reasonable quantity. But it is always (a) real food, not made out of unrecognizable yellow powder, and (b) I could never, ever, no matter how long it’s been since we moved to the US, serve my kids mac and cheese. In my mind, it became the evil of all American foods, a frightening combination of processed carbs and fat. And as it turns out, my kids developed an infinite yearning to eat exactly that—mac and cheese. From a box.

To save face, I had to come up with a Middle Eastern version. I’m not saying it’s healthy, or low fat, or in reasonable quantity, but it’s made with real ingredients and it tastes so good.

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