Since launching in 2013, we’ve compiled a Top 10 recipe list for Passover (as well as one for Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur and one for Chanukah). It’s one of our favorite parts of the year and forces us to think outside of the box—the matzah box, if you will.

This year, instead of picking ten recipes, we decided to tackle four categories that are notoriously boring or challenging when it comes to Passoverharoset, matzah balls, breakfast and dessert—creating, instead, a recipe roundup addressing all your Passover needs.

We have a hunch that with so much variety, after this Passover, regular sandwiches will feel like the real bread of affliction…

Chag sameach!

Hard-to-Resist Haroset

 Date and Walnut Haroset Balls Date and Walnut Haroset Balls
Vered Guttman
Food columnist,, and caterer, Cardamom & Mint
 Arkansas Pear Haroset Arkansas Pear Haroset
Joan Nathan
TV producer/host and author of 10 cookbooks
 Turkish Haroset Turkish Haroset
Susan Barocas
Food writer, teacher and caterer; filmmaker

Have a (Matzah) Ball!

Mushroom-Stuffed Matzah Ball Fritters Mushroom-Stuffed Matzah Ball Fritters
Marcia Friedman
Author, Meatballs and Matzah Balls
Mushroom Jalapeño Matzah Ball Soup Mushroom Jalapeño Matzah Ball Soup
Pati Jinich
TV host and author, Pati’s Mexican Table and Mexican Today
Pumpkin Matzah Dumpling Soup Pumpkin Matzah Dumpling Soup
Hannah Kaminsky
Blogger, BitterSweet Blog, cookbook author and food photographer

Better-than-Bagels Breakfasts

Pecan Banana Matzah Pancakes with Chocolate Chips Pecan Banana Matzah Pancakes with Chocolate Chips
Danielle Oron
Blogger, I Will Not Eat Oysters, and author, Modern Israeli Cooking
Breakfast Berry Crumble
Breakfast Berry Crumble
Shannon Sarna
Editor, The Nosher
Matzah Brei with Apple Marmellata and Greek Yogurt Matzah Brei with Apple Marmellata and Greek Yogurt
Amy Brandwein
Chef and owner, Centrolina

Flourless—not Flavorless—Desserts

Chocolate-Almond Situation Chocolate-Almond Situation
Michael Solomonov
Chef, Zahav, and author, Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking
Red Velvet Macaroon Cake
Red Velvet Macaroon Cake
Molly Yeh
Blogger, My Name is Yeh

 Triple-Chocolate Biscotti Triple-Chocolate Biscotti
Paula Shoyer
Pastry chef and author, The Holiday Kosher Baker and The New Passover Menu