Dear Mom,

I can’t wait. Some of my friends think I’m crazy for flying across the country just for Thanksgiving. They don’t understand that just being in the US this year makes me too close not to make the trek home.

For many people, the concept of honoring family and blessings with a lavish meal falls once a year: on Thanksgiving. I feel that we, as Jews, have some sort of Thanksgiving rendition at least once a month. There’s always some holiday that I can look forward to that provides pause for reflection and celebration. To me, Thanksgiving is only a follow-up to all of our other ritualistic reminders of bounty, goodness and thanks.

But, as Jews, we also have to struggle with finding appropriate dishes to serve to make all of our guests comfortable. For most Americans, Thanksgiving = Turkey + pies + butter. We can’t have it all. It’s always a challenge to find good pareve desserts.

I finally have one that’s worthy of the dessert table. These pareve truffles yield rich, luxurious and beautiful treats. While you’re on your cleaning rampage, its recipe will help you continue to empty out some of the stray nuts and seeds left in the back of your freezer. And like your soups, these truffles are easy to freeze and resurrect. I can’t wait to bring them out at Thanksgiving at home!

See you soon!