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Like many other Israelis relocating to America, my first concern was hummus. Would I be able to find the dip that had been the centerpiece of any casual dining in Israel? And would it be the good kind, or that industrial type that no Israeli with any self-respect will serve at home?

But hummus, as we all know, is now a staple of American cuisine, and while it’s still not easy to find the real good stuff outside of NYC or LA, you can get reasonable hummus almost everywhere. (Or make it yourself.)

Then came the second circle of Middle Eastern products that became sorely missed, particularly labneh. This Arab cheese is made by straining the whey out of yogurt in order to get a thicker, creamy, slightly sour cheese. It is then served with flat bread, just like hummus, with a drizzle of olive oil, or rolled into balls to be preserved in olive oil for a longer shelf life.

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