For those who enjoy wine on a regular basis, belonging to a wine club is an excellent way to keep an adequate supply on hand. In the world of kosher wine, however, such options are fairly limited.

Fortunately, there is a new local alternative. Moti’s Wine Club brought to you by Moti’s Market. An extension of the Moti’s Market basic business model—this is, to use their words, their “commitment to provide the metropolitan Jewish community with quality kosher options”—the wine club is designed to expand awareness of the great diversity and quality of kosher wine today, while providing service and value.

Here’s how it works. Four times a year, wine club subscribers will receive a selection of two or three bottles of kosher wine from around the world at a cost of under $50 total per quarterly selection. Each time, Moti’s Wine Club will host a “wine pick-up” party featuring wine tastings and a menu prepared by the Moti’s Market affiliate, Carmel Caterers. At each pick-up party, attendees can pick up their quarterly selections, learn more about the selected wines, explore other wines and enjoy delicious appetizers. Can’t make the pick-up party? No worries, you can simply pick up your quarterly wine selection at Moti’s Market any time thereafter—though you will miss out on the fun and food.

How do I know the wines being selected each quarter are any good? Well, I help make all the selections. As the weekly wine and spirits writer for the Washington Jewish Week, and a regular wine columnist for The Jewish Week (NY), I’m confident in my choices. But why take my word for it? Join and decide for yourself. You can always cancel your membership at any time at no additional cost to you.

There are, however, additional benefits to joining the club besides just fun wine and food tastings. Each quarterly selection of two-to-three bottles is offered at 20 percent below retail. Wine club members also receive a 10 percent discount on all regularly priced wines at Moti’s Market, as well as a 20 percent case discount. To further sweeten the deal, wine club members enjoy periodic exclusive sales, special events, offers and promotions.

The most recent selections can help illustrate how it works. The first quarterly selection is of two Israeli wines: Teperberg Meritage (regularly priced at $29.99, offered to club members at $23.99 for a savings of $6) and Barkan Special Reserve Chardonnay (regularly priced at $25.99, offered to club members at $20.80 for a savings of $5.19); together they would normally cost $55.98, but for club members the total cost is $44.79 representing a 20 percent savings (or $11.19 off the regular price).

The medium-bodied Teperberg Meritage offers aromas of red berries, dark plum and earth, with lively flavors of black currents, more plum, cherries and blueberries with leather and hints of herbs and spice. It is terrific and well balanced. The Barkan Special Reserve Chardonnay starts with citrus and toasty aromas that develop into lime, tangerine and vanilla flavors with a crisp, lengthy finish. Tasty and refreshing.

Moti’s Wine Club is a fun and reasonably priced program to explore great kosher wine. If you are local and enjoy kosher wine, give it a shot.