From food deliveries to serving Thanksgiving dinner, entertaining seniors to fundraising runs, there are so many ways to give thanks and bring light into our community.

This time of year is an especially significant time for many to volunteer. There are always special opportunities for participation on and around Thanksgiving, but this year is a special gift—volunteering can be done at the same time in conjunction with Hanukkah.

Volunteer opportunities to fight hunger in the DC area are as diverse as the volunteers themselves. Before our own “stuffing” even begins, work off the impending turkey and pie while supporting the needy with participation in a fundraising run. Prepare, deliver or serve food to the homeless, low-income seniors and people homebound with serious health challenges. Special needs adults will thrive on some special attention during the holidays while selling pies can help raise money to feed even more in need.

Click here to fill out a request form for our detailed listing of many ways you can do a mitzvah by spreading some loving kindness and helping hands. There are great family-friendly opportunities, too, during this season of lights. And be sure to check out all the great volunteering and resource information as well as the event calendar at Jconnect all year long.