That first taste of matzah—even the gluten-free oat variety that graces our pantry shelves—is like no other. The first salty crunch evokes a safe, comforting and familiar sensation. Passover memories quickly flood the mind, which has somehow erased any and all memories of the gastrointestinal distress caused by an over-indulgence of said matzah.

Yet midway through Pesach, matzah no longer seems safe, comforting or familiar. Cravings for that crunchy bite have ceased, and the search for something—anything—without matzah begins. And no eggs either, please—because by now more than a dozen cartons of eggs seem to have vanished from the refrigerator.

Matzah-free meals seem to come pretty easily. But with a trio of young daughters running through the house, snacks pose a bit more of a challenge. Throughout the years, I’ve slowly made my own applesauce, carefully stuffed dates with goat cheese, painstakingly baked crackers out of nut meal and successfully created a matzah-free granola.

But this year I want simple. I want fast. I want easy. And, of course, I want delicious. Enter the Pesach savior: nuts and chocolate. These chocolate-nut clusters are so effortless that you’ll want to make them all year long. Go ahead: they’re good for you, too!