All chocolate desserts remind me of my mother. Growing up, there were always two Entenmann’s fudge cakes in the house. One sat in the kitchen and the second was hidden in my mother’s bedroom closet. My mother doesn’t believe that any non-chocolate dessert is worth the calories.

Now I have found a delicious new chocolate for her: Dear Coco artisan chocolate truffles, produced in Potomac, MD.

Potomac mom Rachelle Ferneau has turned her love of chocolate into a successful business selling handcrafted and unique truffles. They are kosher-certified, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.

Rachelle learned pastry and confections as a mom, making desserts for family and friends who begged her to sell them. In 2007 she founded Eden Cake and supplied desserts to the late Pomegranate Bistro and for caterers, embassies and Jewish organizations.

Truffles BoxRachelle ended up a chocolatier when she was seeking a dessert that could survive shipment out of state. Her truffles combine high-quality Belgian chocolate with fruit, nuts, coffee, tea, herbs, flowers, exotic salts and global spices.

Rachelle dropped a box with six different truffles. The timing was perfect; my son Jake had undergone foot surgery the day before, and I knew he would be thrilled to taste and discuss each one. These truffles are perfect for sharing, though Jake and I fought over the Milano Double Espresso.

All Dear Coco’s truffles have a hard chocolate shell and a luscious, velvety filling. They are neither too bitter nor too sweet. It was challenging to move from one truffle to the next as each one was worth savoring. Our tasting was a trip around the world.

We started our tour in Spain, with Seville Orange, a blend of orange oil and dark chocolate. Next stop was Mexico and the rich Puebla Hot Chocolate truffle, a mixture of Mexican cinnamon, almond and dark chocolate.

Back in Europe we loved the intense Milano Double Espresso. It has the perfect balance of coffee and chocolate with neither flavor overpowering the other. We returned stateside for the Smoky Mountain truffle, which combines smoked red paprika and chocolate, an unusual combination.

Finally, we tasted this month’s Mother’s Day truffles, Provence Lavender and Persian Carpet Ride. Jake really liked the Provence Lavender truffle because the flavors lingered. The Persian Carpet Ride reminded me of Sephardic desserts that feature rose water and pistachio.

“Flowers and chocolate are traditional gifts to mothers on their special day,” Rachelle says, “so it seemed a natural next step to create floral truffles to spoil mom with something aromatic, feminine and made with premium chocolate, which most moms can’t live without.”

Dear Coco truffles are available at The Bottle Shop in Potomac, The Candy Man in Silver Spring and Lilit Café in Bethesda. Dear Coco ships throughout the continental U.S. You can also join the Chocolate Club to receive the Truffles of the Month.

Rachelle hopes that everyone can taste the love and care they put into each Dear Coco truffle. Spoken like a true mom.