For many of us, Shavuot is a nostalgic holiday—for the casseroles that have been passed down from generation to generation or the cheesecakes made with very particular ingredients or instructions. In addition to celebrating the giving of the Torah, Shavuot is also a harvest festival and, in biblical times, was marked by the ceremony of bikkurim (first fruits), the bringing of the seven species to the Temple.

As integrative nutrition coaches, we put together a Shavuot booklet that celebrates the first fruits, one that incorporates the seven species into the wholesome way of life we believe in, along with the flavors and nostalgia of our childhood—all with a special and creative twist.

Printed in Hebrew with stunning photos by the talented food photographer Eitan Vaxman, our booklet is not your traditional Shavuot recipe book. We’re pleased to share four recipes here, two sweet and two savory. As with our booklet, we hope they’ll help you think about Shavuot in a new way—as a new beginning, marking the first fruits of change; consider how you can improve your everyday habits; and incorporate good, wholesome ingredients into your diet and lifestyle without compromising flavor.

A bit about us:
Efrat Petel is the real food chef and integrative nutrition coach behind DAILY, a place for real food. DAILY is based on the idea that change starts by developing daily habits, along with supportive tools and knowledge for daily food preparation at just the right nutritional level for each person’s unique lifestyle.

Shirley Ben David is the integrative nutrition coach behind Taste of Courage. She has worked in both Israel and the United States accompanying and empowering women, youth and groups in taking control of their health. She focuses on listening to their personal stories and providing practical tools for proper nutrition and weight loss, without counting calories.

Ofrit Barnea, an integrative nutrition coach, believes in the combined power of mind and body, that each person is different and unique and that when it comes to health, there is no magic—just hard work and willful change. She leads healthy cooking workshops and trains and coaches individuals on healthy living.