On Sunday, June 1, a beautiful Bethesda backyard was the backdrop for a delightful summertime jazz brunch, sponsored by the Jewish Food Experience (JFE) in partnership with DGS Delicatessen. DGS, one of DC’s hottest venues for deli-loving foodies, is a nod to the mom-and-pop District Grocery Stores that lined street corners in DC at the turn of the century.

Co-owner Nick Wiseman, a third-generation Washingtonian and member of the JFE Advisory Council, schmoozed with attendees and spoke at the gathering about the generous community support the Dupont Circle restaurant has received since opening.

The brunch featured a menu developed by DGS head chef Barry Koslow including the deli’s signature sliced smoked salmon, grilled asparagus with preserved lemon dressing, challah French toast, Yukon Gold potato pancakes, matzah brie and cheesecake squares with strawberry rhubarb preserves.

Koslow provided a captivating demonstration of his technique for hand slicing the applewood-smoked salmon he prepares in-house. Peppered with questions by attendees, Koslow provided enthusiastic answers about how he sources his fish, the type of knife he prefers and the optimal smoking temperature he recommends, giving attendees a small taste of what goes on in the DGS kitchen.

Top photo: from left, DGS Delicatessen co-owner Nick Wiseman, JFE director Paul Entis and DGS head chef Barry Koslow